A Look at the Outstanding Products by Jeunesse Global

January 11, 2018

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis merged to form the famous Jeunesse in September 2009. The two had outstanding experience in different fields in their previous ventures. Randy was experienced in designing software and selling them. On the other side, Lewis has excellent mathematical skills as well as in sociology. These two experts had the previous being working together before co-founding the famous Jeunesse Global. It is a company that is based in Florida and has its branch office in Hong Kong, Guinea, Columbia among other parts of the world. The company now has different kinds of products such as the following.

  • Luminesce daily moisturizer

This kind of product is solely designed for the face. The product gives the user a moisturized feeling on the skin because its ingredients are great for drying the skin. The product also contains APT 200 which is useful in protecting your face from the sun.

  • The Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum

This is another great product you can get from this company. It is a product that was started by a dermatologist. Just like any moisturizer, the product contains a substantial concentration of APT 200. The concentration is necessary for your face since it erases any wrinkles and gives you a healthy skin.

  • Luminesce advanced night repair

Just like the cellular rejuvenation serum, this product has a high APT 200 concentration that is essential in the restoration of your skins after a long day. It also functions well in erasing wrinkles and giving you the most youthful look you desire.

  • The AM essentials

These products are considered essential since they give your body the diet it needs in every morning. A single bottle can give you the energy you require among other essential elements your body may need.

 A Brief on Jeunesse

This company is now becoming a worldwide distribution company with a primary objective of impacting people’s lives and making them feel young. The products help people to be able to unleash their potential with maximum confidence. Additionally, the skin care and nutritional products form an excellent youth enhancement system. Understanding the products offered by the firm will enable you to choose the best products for the best purpose.