How WEN by Chaz Repairs Damaged Hair

June 20, 2016

In an effort to see if Wen hair by Chaz performed as well as the advertisements claimed, one young woman decided to purchase the product from Amazon and keep track of the results she saw. She wrote about her experience in using the fig version of WEN by Chaz, which can be viewed as an article on Bustle. Her article covers the first week she used the cleansing conditioner, to which she includes several color photographs of herself. She chose the sephora fig version [see;] because she wanted to add some body to her hair, which was normally limp. During her week long experience she noticed how the product not only gave her hair more body, but also added shine and made it more manageable.
Making a Difference

The fig version of WEN by Chaz is not the only version available in the WEN line of cleansing conditioners. Other versions include sweet almond mint, lavender and spring orange blossom. Each version is specially formulated to help resolve the different problems people have with their hair. The natural botanical extracts found inside each version not only help get rid of frizzy ends or add shine to hair stripped of its natural oils, but they actually work to help repair the damaged condition of hair.

Having worked as a professional photographer and hair stylist, WEN’s creator Chaz Dean, wanted to have a product that would actually make a difference in the way people cleansed their hair. Designed to be both a shampoo and conditioner, WEN’s unique formula allows it to gently clean the hair and scalp without destroying the natural balance of moisture and oil needed to maintain healthy hair. WEN was so well received by celebrities and top models that Mr. Dean decided to expand his product line to include hair rejuvenating styling products as well.

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