The Lovaganza Convoy Creates A Trilogy To Change The World

November 15, 2016

The traditional forms of movie making have largely been thrown out by the makers of the Lovaganza Convoy, a trilogy of films that will be released in turn each year between 2018 and 2020. The goals of the Lovaganza Foundation are to aid humanity in achieving a specific standard of living for each and every person in the world; the plan to release an initial trilogy of movies will hopefully be followed by further trilogies in an entertainment franchise on designed to change the way we all look at the world around us.

The story of the Lovaganza Convoy will begin with the planned release in 2018 of “Follow Your Sunshine”, which will begin the story of a young priest and reporter who are looking to uncover the secret to happiness on Earth. Part one of the trilogy is designed to focus on a young priest who will leave his religion behind in a bid to share what he believes to be the secret to happiness in the life of every person; the initial movie will be followed by “The Prophecy” and the final part of the trilogy, “The New World”. Fighting the evil works of the Invisible Hand group in the trilogy of Lovaganza will provide viewers with entertainment covering mystery, suspense, comedy, and romance for an experience the filmmakers hope will reflect their own views on finding peace in a currently chaotic environment.

Over the course of the next few years the trilogy of movies created by the Lovaganza Foundation will form the basis of a traveling show that replicates that shown in the movies. Huge 3D screens and an innovative viewing experience known as Immerscope Technology will create an unforgettable experience for viewers around the world who will be prepared for the global festival planned by Lovaganza in 2020 to promote peace and understanding for all cultures on Tumblr.

The makers of the Lovaganza Convoy are taking an innovative approach to every aspect of the making of the movies as all three segments are being filmed simultaneously. This innovative approach sees different technicians, locations, and communities from around the world taking part in the production that has become one of the most anticipated of recent years.