Felipe Montoro Jens shares CNI study Findings

There are more than 2796 works at a standstill in Brazil, and this is according to a study conducted by CNI. Within this number, more than 517 are infrastructure related and amount to 18% of the total can the cost about R $10.7 billion to the public confers, as illustrated by Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure projects expert.

He says that within the area of infrastructure, sanitation suffers most with 447 enterprises affected during the phase of implementation. According to the author of the survey, Brazil invests little into infrastructure and plays a significant role in directing resources in the sector resulting from an excess of works that are interrupted before the shutdown ca consume resources that do not bring benefits to the society.

Felipe adds that the interruption of the construction of sports facilities, day-care centers, and preschools was also included in the CNI study, even though they are not complex and expensive. The study indicates that the discontinuation relates to among other factors, the technical problems, companies abandoning their works, budgetary and financial challenges, land ownership, and expropriation.

The study further attributes the government interruption of these projects to the economic crisis that Brazil is facing. Felipe Montoro adds that the fiscal deterioration and contraction of the investments has also affected the municipal and the state projects. This cuts investments and causes the interruption of an infrastructure project. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

The way out

CNI recommends six ways out of this problem. First should be measured, improve microplanning, evaluation of the best modality of execution effective microplanning, better-equipped teams, formulation of more balanced contracts and lastly, strengthening the internal control.

Felipe opines that the CNI study is part of the 43 documents on strategic matters handed to candidates running for the presidency. The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) was started in 1938 and is headquartered in Brasilia with a representative office in Sao Paulo. It is the highest body of the trade union of the industry.

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Ted Bauman is an Accomplished Economist

Ted Bauman has quite the interesting past for an economist and financial advisor on Banyan Hill. Unlike many of the other experts on the platform, Ted has spent the majority of his life and career across seas and traveling. More specifically, Ted lived in South Africa for more than 25 years and traveled all over the country as well as other countries doing humanitarian work, in a sense. In South Africa as well as many third world countries throughout the Middle East and Asia, there is a huge gap in the population in terms of wealth and opportunity. Ted Bauman focused on working at non-profit organizations trying to make a better living for the average citizen, whether they were in need of work or life support.

When Ted Bauman first moved to South Africa, he spent several years studying at Cape Town University until he successfully completed his degree in economics. Rather than returning home, Ted Bauman stayed in South Africa because he saw the condition that many people lived in and he wanted to help improve the community. Ted joined a variety of philanthropic organizations over the years, working as a financial consultant, fund manager, as well as various other jobs to help people around the country. Even when Ted finally returned to the United States in 2008, he wasn’t the financial advisor that he is today. Instead, Ted returned to take up a job in Atlanta at the Habitat for Humanity as a program director.

Ted has done an extensive amount of traveling throughout his life, much of which occurred because of his career at the time. Because of this, Ted is not only experienced in various markets as an economist, his work has been recognized and appreciated in many parts of the world. Since the start of his career, Ted has been showcased throughout a variety of different news outlets and journals, including The Cape Times, South Africa Press New Internationalist, Small Enterprise Development, and more.

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Peter Briger, a successful business professional

In his entire career that is based on financial and asset management, Peter has been able to showcase and build a durable status as a competent financial leader and a well dedicated professional. Over the years, Briger has been able to accomplish a lot. It all began at Goldman Sachs and company where he served for fifteen years. Immediately after joining the firm he became a partner of the organisation in 1996.

During Peter Briger’s tenure at Goldman Sachs, he became a member of various committees. They include Global control, Asian management and Japan executive committee and compliance committee. Briger was also responsible for a number of roles at the company. He served as the co-head of groups that include the Asian Distressed Debt fund, Whole Loan Sales and trading commercial, the Special opportunities fund, the Asian Real Estate Equity business and the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group.

Currently, Peter Briger is the co-chairman and Principal of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress is a financial investment and asset management company. Its headquarters is based in New York, United States of America. Briger has been a member of the management committee in the organisation since he joined the firm back in March 2002. After joining the company, he was assigned the responsibility to head the Real estate and the credit fund department.

The unit that Peter Briger leads consists of more than 300 individuals. They mainly concentrate on distressed and undervalued assets and illiquid credit investments. Aside from his professional life at the Fortress Investment group, Peter held a position on the board of directors at the University of Princeton. Additionally, he has supported several organisations which include Central park conservancy.

Peter Briger pursued a degree in Business administration at Princeton University. After completing the first degree, he pursued a master’s degree at Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Also, Peter takes part in many charity works which he prefers to remain private. He believes in giving back to the society. He has frequently contributed money that has assisted many children to seek education in various educational institutions.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterbriger

Gareth Henry; Leader in Investments Gives Insightful Interviews

Gareth Henry is one of the leading figureheads in the financial investment world. His immense success in the industry has gained quite a bit of attention in the news sector of the financial world. This interest in his success is partly due to his relatively young age and seemingly short time in the work force. Recently, he was interviewed for two different media outlets, IdeaMensch and Interview.net.

The interview with IdeaMensch was published on August 28, 2018. The title of the article is, ” Gareth Henry; Global Head Of Investor Relations For Alternative Investment Managers.” The article opens with a brief overlook of his education and career history. The article then proceeds into the interview portion where Mr. Henry discusses various aspects of his job and day to day activities. He also talks about what he feels are key aspects of success such as; pipeline management, contact with clients, and being open to feedback.

The second interview that Gareth Henry gave was for Interview.net. This interview had quite a bit of the same information as the first interview. However, this publication also talks about how Gareth Henry has became so successful at such a young age. It also states how this immense success is partly due to his abilities to talk to clients, and potential clients, in ways that many other financial investors are unable to do.

Gareth Henry is, in fact, a young rising star in the world of hedge funds and financial investing. He graduated college with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics, in 2000, at the University of Edinburgh Scotland. He first began his career in the financial industry at Watson Wyatt as an Analyst in 2001. In 2007, he relocated to the United States to take a position with the Fortress Investment Group. He stayed with Fortress, and worked his way up the ranks, until he was offered an amazing opportunity at Angelo Gordon and Co in 2016. He stayed at Angelo Gordon until February 2018 and is currently working on his own projects.

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