Whitney Wolfe is Changing the Dating Scene

February 16, 2018

Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated always. However, in the modern times, people are living complicated lives, and most of them have no time to date. For most people, looking for means of livelihood is important than doing other important things like dating. Most people conduct their businesses and other essential chores online or at the office. This makes meeting new people and dating a great challenge. Technology has come a long way, and it is helping people in the modern society to connect and interact online. By using your phone at the comfort of your house, you can log into a website and meet other people who are looking for love. This might seem to be a simple task, but many dating sites have failed to give customers the kind of services they need.


There are so many dating apps in the international market. Some of these are very popular, but they have not succeeded in making customers happy. However, Whitney Wolfe has changed everything. Whitney Wolfe has only been in this complex market for a short time, and she is already making headlines because of the success she is experiencing. Her dating site is known as Bumble, and it is shocking the American market with the amount of success it is registering. After venturing into this market less than three years ago, the dating app has managed to attract millions of single people who are young and looking for love. Becoming a leader in the highly competitive market is a challenging task for the companies in this industry.

When Whitney Wolfe started Bumble several years ago, she had no idea that she was going to experience so much success in such a short time. When starting the organization, the businesswoman was interested in starting an app where people especially women would feel appreciated and more at home. This simple secret has made the app to become so popular among all people. Whitney Wolfe had worked for a different dating site after graduating from the university, and she felt that she had enough expertise to run her company. The businesswoman was right. Just three years after venturing into the market, the institution is considered to be worth over one billion dollars, and it is now one of the leading dating sites in the United States. Whitney Wolfe has excellent skills in leadership, and this has played a leading role in the success of her company.

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Fabletics – What Does Fabletics Offer?

June 2, 2017

Fabletics is a unique brand that delivers only the best activewear on the market at the best prices. For one small monthly price, women get access to the right activewear outfits that best suit their needs and what they are looking for. The brand is focused on giving women of all kinds of sizes the chance to get quality activewear. Kate Hudson who is known for being the face of the brand wanted to help inspire of every size to get back in shape and remain active in their lives. Fabletics strives to reach out to women of all ages, and this is why Demi Lovato even created a recent campaign with the company to inspire young women to stay active.


Fabletics is creating a great set of real stores in physical locations to provide their fans with a place to actually get their clothes in a store. This is going to allow for people to get to try on the clothes and actually go window shopping if they want and scan the clothes so they can buy it all online if they so choose to. Fabletics is so beautiful and gives such a great set of options for women to just try everything out.


Fabletics is going to change how they work with their online store because they are going to be integrating so much of the store into their physical location. It’s like the best of both worlds for everybody who is a part of the company. Fabletics is going to continue changing the industry in their own little way because of how they do business.


Kate Hudson is proud of what she has done for the company. She played a huge role with the creation and development of the brand. She continues to be with the company, and she takes her time every week or so to help with the brand and what they are going to be doing next. The truth is that she plays more than just being a model for the brand. She actually checks up on sales development, product merchandising, and also deciding which products decide to stay on their shelves or not. Kate Hudson is a big fan of the company, and she strives to pay attention to every little detail that only somebody like her can do. Hudson is very powerful with what she does in the brand because she does oversee a lot.

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Strategies Used By Fabletics to Be at a Competitive Advantage Over Amazon

April 11, 2017

Very rarely will you hear a company enter the industry and start competing with the industry pioneers. In most cases, they will compete on a lower level, until they have learnt the tricks to navigate the industry. But Fabletics is not your ordinary company. They have been around for around four years now but they are already giving Amazon a run for its money. Now, you would think that I am just blubbing but wait until you see the figures. In just the three years that the company has been in operation, they have managed to make sales of over $250 million. Surprising, right? But that’s the fact and this has not been a result of sheer luck. Rather, the company has had to work really hard to come up with strategies that would put them at a competitive advantage over Amazon and other big league companies that are in this industry. And, this is how they do it



Changing the Narrative


Fabletics has managed to change the sportswear industry narrative. In the past, companies that are known for quality would also be marked by a high price. This made it impossible for the ordinary athlete to purchase quality apparel. Identifying this gap in the market, Fabletics have come up with a way of providing the same quality but at a very affordable price. They cut their costs to the minimum and in that way, they are able to sell at lower prices. Also, Fabletics has changed the notion that sports gear has to be boring and dull. Now, you can get fashionable exercise gear, coming in various patterns, designs and colors.



Capitalizing on Online Data


Fabletics knows that the world today is highly digital and that most information that you need about your clients, you will get it on social media. They use such data to make apparel that suits the lifestyle of today athletes. They heavily rely on this data for the success of their physical stores. They listen to the wish of their clients and turn them into products. And, that’s where they go right.



Kate Hudson


Working closely with Kate Hudson has made the Fabletics brand sell more. Kate Hudson is seen modelling most of the company’s new apparel. And, being a best-selling artist who is largely followed, she gives the brand a push in the right direction. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock something that Kate Hudson finds fabulous and even wears herself?



Reverse Showrooming


Fabletics knows their consumers only too well. They know that there are people who will come to their online store only to check out what is trending and will then go to the physical stores to look for the exact items. For this kind of consumers, they have established physical outlets. Today, they have more than a dozen stores in the US and UK and continue to open more physical stores.

How Fabletics Is Dominating The Online Fashion Retail Industry

February 20, 2017

In just four years, movie star Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand has been able to take over the online fashion retail industry with its clever business strategies and deep understanding of its target customers.


Today, the company is worth over $250 million and boasts several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Despite the brand’s plan to launch additional physical stores across the world over the next few years, the company remains largely based in e-commerce. Its major selling point is the convenient and unique subscription service model.


On the Fabletics website, you can find hundreds of athletic apparel staples like jogging pants, leggings, sports bras and hoodies. While many athletic apparel brands offer the same products, customers choose Fabletics because the clothes are both stylish and high in quality, not to mention incredibly affordable. Fabletics clothes are made with high-tech fabrics that are resistant to sweat and are incredibly comfortable to wear during intense workouts. The variety of styles, prints and colors also makes the Fabletics website the ultimate destination for any woman who loves to consistently add to her workout apparel wardrobe.


Another thing that makes Fabletics unique is that it encourages customers to join a clever VIP membership program. Upon signing up, members fill out a survey so that Fabletics can determine their tastes and preferences. Then, for $49.95 each month, members receive a full workout outfit in the mail on a monthly basis. This convenient way of purchasing clothing is what has launched the business into success.


Joanie and Heather of thekrazycouponlady.com signed up when they discovered what a deal the brand was offering. VIP members receive their first outfit for only $25. Upon receiving their outfits, they were delighted by the high quality and cute styles of the clothes.


When Fabletics launched several brick-and-mortar stores last year, business experts were surprised. With consumer data indicating that more and more consumers are shopping online instead of in physical stores, many considered physical stores to be nearing obsolescence. However, Hudson opened the stores using the “reverse showroom” strategy that had proven to be a success for tech giants like Apple.


This “reverse showroom” concept uses physical stores to encourage more online revenue. When a customer walks into a Fabletics store, they can observe and touch the clothes and see for themselves that the brand makes high quality products. Then, they are encouraged to sign up to become a VIP member. When they try anything on in the dressing room, it’s added automatically to their online shopping cart.


Instead of aiming to earn a tremendous amount of revenue in physical stores, Fabletics stores serve the purpose of redirecting customers to the online VIP membership program. Fabletics online user data dictates which items go into each store. Regional sales trends determine what types of items should be stocked in different locations throughout the country. If a certain Fabletics item is trending on social media, that item will be featured in stores for a period of time.


The strategy has paid off. The brand now earns more than Amazon’s fashion department which is certainly no easy feat.