Is Deshaun Watson Worth a Spot on Your 2017 Fantasy Roster?

May 11, 2017

Rookie quarterbacks are notoriously not the best idea as the primary option on a fantasy football team. Sometimes even the best aren’t worth much more than an occasional streaming option from one week to the next. Another theory is to roll the dice and see if a rookie with immense future potential, lies around on the waiver wire long enough for you to find him an empty roster spot.



Then of course, there is also the conundrum of holding a future franchise QB as a keeper. Six quarterbacks were selected in the first three rounds of this year’s NFL draft, but one in particular jumps off the board as ultra-intriguing.



When scouts consider raw talent, Deshaun Watson may not fall into the Brady category of prototypical signal callers. However, pedigree is a different story all together. Here is why Deshaun Watson is worthy of a draft flier, since he may end up being the starting quarterback in Houston, sooner than some expect.



Relying on Rookie Quarterbacks?


It’s rare for a rookie quarterback to end up as the starter during their inaugural season, let alone have any type of success worthy of making a fantasy team. However, trends change and as evidence, seven out of the ten best rookie QB performances have happened since 2008.



It’s not hard to use last year’s record-breaking stats by Dak Prescott, to make a case for drafting a rookie QB. But, is Deshaun Watson capable of duplicating anything close to the numbers Prescott amassed, if he even gets to start for Houston?



Why Deshaun Watson Will Start by for Houston – This Season


Now, although it’s rare for a rookie to take over the reigns of their new team during that first season, it does happen. Granted, most of the time it’s because the prospects for success evaporated.



Since the team is going nowhere come playoff time, why continue to operate with a quarterback who is not the team’s future. This is when many rookies get their chance, but for fantasy purposes, most still fall flat on their face.



  • Houston, Makes a Move.



First and foremost, there was a reason that the Texans made a draft day maneuver to guarantee they could draft the defending BCS Champion quarterback.



Their scout team has done their homework. Watson clearly fits into the Bill O’Brien offensive mindset, so by shifting their draft position to select him in the first round, it’s almost a foregone conclusion they think Watson is NFL ready; now.



  • Houston, We Have a Defense.



So why are Deshaun Watson’s prospects any different? Houston is going to bring to the field one of the best defensive units in the league. In fact, they may be so talented that some find it easy to compare them to a couple of the greatest of all-time.



The Texans enter the 2017 season with some experts whispering comparisons to the 85 Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Both brought home the Super Bowl Trophy. The Houston Texans 2017 defense has that kind of talent.


Houston, Who Else Do we Have?

  • Houston, Who Else Do we Have?


The final thing to consider is the proverbial question of who else do they have. Tom Savage dazzled with some very limited exposure, but let’s face it, he is not a franchise quarterback. Deshaun Watson is one though. Couple that with the fact that Houston is primed to win right now.



In July, we’ll begin to get a better feel for how the Texans plan to use Watson. Since early prep for your 2017 fantasy football draft is now, it’s a great time to take a break from your daily MLB lineup research and keep an eye on Deshaun Watson.



While it may take a few weeks for Watson to get earn his stripes as a good fantasy quarterback option, someone in your league is going to put him on their roster. Why shouldn’t it be you?


If your league has a spot for keeper-players, Watson’s value multiplies dramatically. No matter what format your league uses, come draft day in your fantasy football league, you can bet that some team owner is going to take a gamble to find out. Will it be you?