Award-Winning Talos Energy Finds New Water to Explore

Talos Energy is a small, petroleum company. It is based in Houston, Texas. This independent company drills for oil and natural gas in the regions of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. They explore, research and drill in shallow and deep waters. The profits of Talos are about eight-hundred and fifteen million every year, helping them to become award winners in 2017. The company won the Discovery of the Year Award.

Talos Energy takes great pains to explore safely along the US Golf Coast. The company has 10.2 million acres to cover, using state of the art tools. Last year, the company found a large area of oil called the Zama-1, 2, and 3 fields. After approval by Mexico’s National Hydrocarbon Commission, Talos began exploring these areas, located on the Mexican border.

Exploration in this designated area will cost an estimated $250 million and the research is expected to find up to two billion barrels of petroleum. This feat was made possible by the 2014 Mexican Amendment, allowing private companies like Talos Energy to explore and drill. With the Zama discovery, Talos Energy needs to pass a Mexican appraisal before drilling begins.

Talos Energy is in partnership with Britain’s Premier Oil PLC, Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico City. It is also a member of the Block 7 Consortium. The company has partnerships with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings too. In September of 2018, Talos Energy acquired another petroleum company called Whistler Energy II.

Timothy S. Duncan is the CEO and President of Talos Energy. He is also a co-founder, opening the firm in 2012. This energy company employs up to two hundred and fifty employees and takes care of them through a company program called UL Pure Safety. The program carefully trains workers and tracks their safety performances.

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Stream Energy Women Retreat Event Held

Stream Energy, a Better Business Bureau accredited business, is an institution that gives its women a top priority. The company main offices are found in Dallas, and it has been doing so well because of the role it has given its women in the leadership section. Unlike most companies in the market, Stream Energy understands that women who are empowered can bring so many changes in an organization. The institution specializes in the provision of connected life services to the people in the United States. Stream Energy is believed to be one of the leading direct selling companies in the country too. The success of Stream is as a result of the people who are offered working opportunities.


Just recently, Stream Energy sponsored the Women of Power group retreat that took place in the company offices that have just been renovated to accommodate the growing company. The retreat took place over the last weekend, and it was a happy occasion, judging by what the guests are saying. The Women of Power group was started more than seven years ago in Texas. The chief financial officer of the large company is a woman, and she wanted to connect the women leaders in the company so that they can acquire the success they have been looking for as a big team. The primary goal of the Women of Power group is to motivate, mentor and at the end of the day inspire the women at Stream Energy so that they can be able to be successful in starting their personal ventures. Refer to This Article for related information.


Renee Hornbaker has been working as the Chief Financial Officer for Stream Energy for a while now, and she is the perfect example of a successful woman leader at Stream Energy. While speaking during the women retreat, the business leader explained how the group has a different theme in all its annual meetings. This year, the group main theme is to shine, because they want the women in the company to shine and perform well in all the positions they are being offered in the society. According to Renee, women leaders should shine with all the confidence they need so that they can become successful in their personal careers.