Rocketship Education for Your Children

February 7, 2018

Choosing a better school for your child can be a wonderful way for them to receive the education that they need. The problem that comes with sending your child to a private school is that it can sometimes be incredibly expensive to do this. In fact, most private schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars each year. If you have been thinking about sending your child to a private school because of the costs that are involved, it is time for you to consider sending them to a school like Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education has taken the world by storm due to the fact that it is a different way for your child to become educated in a way that is convenient for them.

Rocketship Education prides itself in being one of the top charter schools in the country. While they are based out of California, they have a wide range of different facilities throughout the country. This makes it convenient and easy for you to find a facility near to your home where your child can go to school. This is why so many people are choosing Rocketship Education for their own child’s needs, as it finally gives them the ability to go to school in a way that is most comfortable for that.

If you would like more information on Rocketship Education and what they are able to do for you, you can visit their website and learn more about the different programming options that they have made available to the public. Once you sign your child up for school, they are going to find it to be incredibly beneficial in a wide range of different ways, so this is something that you should consider as a parent who is trying to do their very best to have the best education possible for their children. There has never been a better time to choose Rocketship Education than right now because of all that has gone into doing this for your child. Be sure to sign them up for one of the available programs so that they are able to make use of it and know that it is something that is going to benefit them for life.

A Brief Look at Dick DeVos’ Career Profile

October 30, 2017

Dick DeVos is an accomplished American entrepreneur and author from Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway and the former CEO of the Consumer Goods Distribution Company. Dick DeVos ran for the Governor of Michigan on a Republican ticket but lost to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. His father was listed the 67th richest person in the U.S. by Forbes magazine. Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos, the 11th and the current Secretary of Education in the United States. Dick DeVos began working with Amway in 1974, holding different managerial positions. In 1984, he made his way up as Amway’s vice president, responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in 18 countries. Under his helm, Amway scaled globally, exceeding its sales for the first time since its inception.


Mr. DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Richard Marvin DeVos and Helen June. He is an alumnus of the Forest Hills public school. He started to engage in business activities way back as a child. DeVos and his brother, Doug, would be assigned to greet attendees at Amway’s annual conventions. They were responsible for ferrying guests to play tennis and clearing plates during the annual conference. That evolved to giving product demonstrations and speaking in front of guests. He went to Northwood University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He, later on, enrolled for Executive Study Programs at Wharton School and Harvard Business School. Throughout his career, Mr. DeVos has received honorary awards from Northwood University, Grove City College, and Michigan University. Besides, he is a distinguished alumnus of Northwood University.




Dick Devos joined the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990 and resigned six years before the end of his eight-year term, citing the reason as his intention to return to Amway as the CEO. In 1996, Dick DeVos was appointed to the Board of Grand Valley State University by Governor John Engler. In 1993, Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, were appointed as the co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. Through this organization, DeVos provides scholarships to children from low-income families to allow them to attend schools of their choice. Dick DeVos covers all administration costs of Children’s Scholarship Fund. Dick DeVos announced his candidacy for the Governor of Michigan on June 2, 2005. He ranks as the wealthiest man to run as a governor of Michigan. As of October 2006, Dick Devos had spent nearly $39 million on campaigns.


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