Whitney Wolfe is Changing the Dating Scene

February 16, 2018

Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated always. However, in the modern times, people are living complicated lives, and most of them have no time to date. For most people, looking for means of livelihood is important than doing other important things like dating. Most people conduct their businesses and other essential chores online or at the office. This makes meeting new people and dating a great challenge. Technology has come a long way, and it is helping people in the modern society to connect and interact online. By using your phone at the comfort of your house, you can log into a website and meet other people who are looking for love. This might seem to be a simple task, but many dating sites have failed to give customers the kind of services they need.


There are so many dating apps in the international market. Some of these are very popular, but they have not succeeded in making customers happy. However, Whitney Wolfe has changed everything. Whitney Wolfe has only been in this complex market for a short time, and she is already making headlines because of the success she is experiencing. Her dating site is known as Bumble, and it is shocking the American market with the amount of success it is registering. After venturing into this market less than three years ago, the dating app has managed to attract millions of single people who are young and looking for love. Becoming a leader in the highly competitive market is a challenging task for the companies in this industry.

When Whitney Wolfe started Bumble several years ago, she had no idea that she was going to experience so much success in such a short time. When starting the organization, the businesswoman was interested in starting an app where people especially women would feel appreciated and more at home. This simple secret has made the app to become so popular among all people. Whitney Wolfe had worked for a different dating site after graduating from the university, and she felt that she had enough expertise to run her company. The businesswoman was right. Just three years after venturing into the market, the institution is considered to be worth over one billion dollars, and it is now one of the leading dating sites in the United States. Whitney Wolfe has excellent skills in leadership, and this has played a leading role in the success of her company.

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