The Slow Change of Democracy

Renowned constitutional scholar, Sujit Choudhry, says the idea of democracy has evolved much all over the world since the Cold War. He says one great example of this is Poland’s Law and Justice Party. Since this party was voted by the public into office in 2015, it has focused almost exclusively on undermining and redefining democracy in Poland to the end of eliminating any efforts to do away with their ruling power ( They did this by first completely changing the country’s Constitutional Court. They remade the court’s constitution of panels, redefined voting procedure, revolutionized the assignment of judges to cases, and many other related matters. In essence, they have since been taking steps to an entire overhaul of the Polish democratic system.

This is just one example of democracy being drastically tampered with through recent decades. These are not things happening naturally but are being done through underhanded manipulations by the ruling governments for their own ends. We are seeing democracy used by undemocratic regimes to get themselves in power so that they can then undermine and change this democratic system from within and thus make good their own ends. These regimes are successfully getting into power because they are also successfully tricking the populace into thinking they are actually democratic.

The collapse of democracy in this way, says Choudhry, is bringing authoritarianism closer and closer to many countries. He points back to the Polish government as an example. Although it is making a much slower motion, the American government is also making this slide, albeit it extremely slowly. One reason why our ideas are becoming easier to change these days is that more and more it is becoming the case that we live in an environment where there are no right or wrong answers. However, governmental bodies are not the only ones producing these changes. The media is also at fault.  For an interesting interview of Sujit, click

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Attorney and Constitutional Expert- Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law, and since he began his practice in the legal industry he has been dealing with politics as well as comparative law. Mr. Sujit is an expert in the social process, federation, the change of state from violence to peaceful manifestation in politics, as well as separation. Another of Sujit important task is the making of constitution especially for nations that are facing political instability. The attorney by profession has largely written on comparative law as well as Canadian constitutional law. He is a published author who has published several books, (, on law-related issues and recently the comparative expert lawyer wrote a book known as Constitutional Democracies in Crisis.

In-Focus: E. Holder’s Tweet

In his newly released book, Choudhry is mostly focusing on Erick Holder’s tweeter who was a former Attorney General during the Barack Obama’s regime, The twitter was published in December 2017 stating that any state house termination is a special counsel, and he even further said that if anything happens a demonstration should be carried out. According to Holder, the termination is a red line and if tempered with there should be a mass of peaceful support because Americans should be heard. Choudhry views the call of Holder on twitter in two ways one being the controversial constitution boundary in the American democracy or the symbolic “red line”.

Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in Delhi and after his high school graduation he knew he wanted to pursue law and after that, he attended the University of Toronto, and later McGill University where he received his B.S. His degree in law was received when he joined the Oxford University. The professor of law began his career and he was elected the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law of the New York University school of law in 2011 ( Sujit is also a speaker who has spoken to many forums including the pluralism forum which took place at Global Center Pluralism’s in 2013. His efforts and achievement in the legal industry have not gone without recognition. Sujit Choudhry has on several occasions been awarded including Trudeau Fellowship from Trudeau Foundation, in 2011 he was the practitioner of the year from the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto and many other awards.

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