United Technologies: Shaping the Future with Louis Chenevert

United Technologies is the leading company when it comes to the development of and innovation in technology. The company has been focusing on investing in new developments that would transform the world as we know it. They are currently working on the innovation of air travel, space travel, and things in between. One of the most recent improvements that they made is with the aircraft engine, which they call the “Geared Turbofan Engine” or GTF for short. The GTF reduces the aircraft’s fuel burn by 16%, the emissions by 50% and the noise footprint by 75%. This is a major change in the airline industry, as planes are becoming for environment friendly. Major airlines have already purchased these engines and installed them on their aircrafts, making sure that the future of air travel will be safer and greener.

United Technologies believe that by investing time and money to ideas and concepts, they can soon become a reality that would help the people of the future. The GTF engine, for example, costed the company at least $10 billion just for its design and the development. But, this amount can be slowly recovered because airlines are now purchasing it for a great price. United Technologies is also believing in the capacity of the new generation to drive the world into the future that everyone has dreamed of – a place where life is easier and better. The company is investing in the new generation by sending them to schools as scholars, learning courses that would help them contribute something to the company. United Technologies managed to send thousands of people around the world to schools, and they have contributed significantly to the development of today’s technology.

Louis R. Chenevert, once the chairman and the chief executive officer of United Technologies, have also stated that the future of the world is now in the hands of the younger generation and everyone must support them to create the world that we have long dreamed of. Under the leadership of Louis R. Chenevert, United Technologies managed to become a stronger technology company, gaining more clients, including the United States Military. Through their technologies, the world have become better, but United Technologies stated that only time will tell when they will stop innovating.

Todd Lubar the TDL Global Venture CEO Who is Making Home Ownership a Possibility for Common Citizens

Todd Lubar is a prominent businessman who has made a lot of money from developing properties. His trading company is known as TDL Global Ventures and he also serves as the Vice President for another firm called Legendary Investments. He has been in the properties market for over 20 years and his main aim has been to help people in all social statuses achieve the dream of becoming homeowners. Todd is on the list of the best mortgage dealers standing at position 25. Apart from mortgaging Todd has been in the entertainment industry and construction business as well. His vision in business is to assist as many people as he can and his customers’ satisfaction is always his priority. Check out his website at toddlubar.com.

Todd Lubar hatched the dream of running his firm after working in the finance and credit sector for twenty years. There are so many barriers that traditional lenders put, they make it impossible for an ordinary citizen to own a home. TDL Global Venture under Todd’s leadership has been committed to eliminate them and help as many people as possible to acquire loans and own a home.

Todd is a family man, he treasures the time he spends with his kids and wife. Before leaving for the office every morning, he ensures he has taken breakfast with the kids no matter how tight his schedule is. Todd is very keen on what is going on in his firm and every day he updates himself on the progress of the enterprise. This helps Todd to set his priorities and know where to put the focus. To ensure that TDL Global Venture has achieved its goals Todd employs the lessons he acquired working in his previous workplaces, he has remained willing to help people attain their goals. Technology is among the tools that excite Todd most; he has embraced it at home and in running his firm.

Todd Lubar has taken lessons from all experiences life has given him, while in high school he worked at a grocery though he did not love the business he learnt how important money is and the value of putting effort into what you do. Todd Lubar’s network is made of trustworthy people and individuals who challenge him to exploit his potential. He is also very active in communication, he has been able to make all his employees understand the company vision and work towards realizing it. Todd advises the young entrepreneurs to use the opportunities that technology has presented and develop an application that allows home-buyers search for a home online. Todd works with the best software developers to ensure that all his soft wares are operational.

According to his About.Me page, Todd Lubar studied at the Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC and later attended The Peddie School in Hightstown in NJ. He holds a Bachelors of Art in Speech Communication from the Syracuse University. His first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd later worked at Legacy Financial Group, Priority Financial Services and Charter Funding. Todd Lubar has invested in the recycling, demolition and the entertainment industry.

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