Ted Bauman is an Accomplished Economist

Ted Bauman has quite the interesting past for an economist and financial advisor on Banyan Hill. Unlike many of the other experts on the platform, Ted has spent the majority of his life and career across seas and traveling. More specifically, Ted lived in South Africa for more than 25 years and traveled all over the country as well as other countries doing humanitarian work, in a sense. In South Africa as well as many third world countries throughout the Middle East and Asia, there is a huge gap in the population in terms of wealth and opportunity. Ted Bauman focused on working at non-profit organizations trying to make a better living for the average citizen, whether they were in need of work or life support.

When Ted Bauman first moved to South Africa, he spent several years studying at Cape Town University until he successfully completed his degree in economics. Rather than returning home, Ted Bauman stayed in South Africa because he saw the condition that many people lived in and he wanted to help improve the community. Ted joined a variety of philanthropic organizations over the years, working as a financial consultant, fund manager, as well as various other jobs to help people around the country. Even when Ted finally returned to the United States in 2008, he wasn’t the financial advisor that he is today. Instead, Ted returned to take up a job in Atlanta at the Habitat for Humanity as a program director.

Ted has done an extensive amount of traveling throughout his life, much of which occurred because of his career at the time. Because of this, Ted is not only experienced in various markets as an economist, his work has been recognized and appreciated in many parts of the world. Since the start of his career, Ted has been showcased throughout a variety of different news outlets and journals, including The Cape Times, South Africa Press New Internationalist, Small Enterprise Development, and more.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman

Papa John’s Savior: Steve Ritchie

November 16, 2018

Name someone who doesn’t love pizza – hard to do right? It’s because pizza has been a classic, all-time favorite for any and every social gathering. It’s the food that you crave at late night, and would still want to eat in the morning. Now, there are a lot of pizza parlors who cook and provide pizza for the pizza loving public and one of the staple and classic pizza parlors is Papa John’s Pizza. They have been around for a good and recognizable number of years and we can’t deny that they whip up quality pizza.

With the competition rising up, a lot of pizza chains are rising and every business is trying their best to outshine each other with new innovations, flavors, gimmicks to attract the public to order pizza from there, and be a loyal customer to their pizza chain. Papa John’s being a classic pizza parlor that sticks to its traditional recipes and traditional cuisine – they are bound to get caught up with the times and lose a significant number of customers to new pizza parlors that offer new twists to their products. In the past few years, CEO Steve Ritchie has experienced and witnessed a grave decline in their sales – their loyalty from their customers were fading and the business is losing. Their store sales are distinguishably and significantly low in performance, and this was gravely affecting the company.

According to people.equilar.com, Steve Ritchie did not run out of hope though, he is optimistic and he is positive that he can still turn things around and make things better for the company. But he saw that he need not change his products, but change the outlook of the employees working for the company. The company has rebranded and has put more focus into training its employees – a solid foundation is the key to reviving the company. From this, and making sure that the employees are effective and efficient – customers started to come back and the performance of the sales were slowly starting to rise up. Til this day, Papa John’s along with Steve Ritchie are still working hardly to get the pizza parlor back on its feet. Check out Papa John’s on Facebook.

Steve Ritchie’s profile: https://insiderlouisville.com/tag/steve-ritchie/

The Successful career of Bernardo Chua

A successful entrepreneur, Bernardo Chua has helped many people live a healthy lifestyle through the launch of his company Organo Gold. The firm has grown tremendously since its launch. It has established many offices in the Philippines, the United States, and other parts of the globe. Many clients that have used the products form the firm have expressed their satisfaction, thanks to the impeccable customer services offered by the team. Besides, the companies ability to use Ganoderma in the production of their tea and coffee products has served in their favor as it makes their products natural. Follow Bermardo Chua on Twitter.

Bernardo Chua has continued to bring growth in the firm through his experience in the field of business. The knowledge he holds on sales and marketing has also contributed to the rise of the firm. He encourages his employees to work harder to ensure that the company maintains its excellent reputation. He inspires many people through his many achievements and admirable qualities in leadership that he portrays. He has also shown determination in his work, and through working closely with other successful investors, he has acquired tips to lead his firm towards obtaining a competitive advantage. Besides, he has also impressed many individuals due to his ability to overcome many challenges as well as the ability to gain the courage to market and make huge sales of the gardonerma products in the broader parts of the globe far from its origin.

He believes that healthy living is a fundamental component for human beings to acquire a prolonged life. He has always encouraged people also to conduct frequent health check-ups and also watch their diet to ensure that they are on the right track. He also believes that a healthy life brings happiness and also saves the costs associated with ill health. He continues to make huge sales through his company and this, he has inspired many people across the world.

Read more: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13132871/1/bernardo-chua-expands-organo-golds-operations-into-turkey.html


Peter Briger, a successful business professional

In his entire career that is based on financial and asset management, Peter has been able to showcase and build a durable status as a competent financial leader and a well dedicated professional. Over the years, Briger has been able to accomplish a lot. It all began at Goldman Sachs and company where he served for fifteen years. Immediately after joining the firm he became a partner of the organisation in 1996.

During Peter Briger’s tenure at Goldman Sachs, he became a member of various committees. They include Global control, Asian management and Japan executive committee and compliance committee. Briger was also responsible for a number of roles at the company. He served as the co-head of groups that include the Asian Distressed Debt fund, Whole Loan Sales and trading commercial, the Special opportunities fund, the Asian Real Estate Equity business and the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group.

Currently, Peter Briger is the co-chairman and Principal of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress is a financial investment and asset management company. Its headquarters is based in New York, United States of America. Briger has been a member of the management committee in the organisation since he joined the firm back in March 2002. After joining the company, he was assigned the responsibility to head the Real estate and the credit fund department.

The unit that Peter Briger leads consists of more than 300 individuals. They mainly concentrate on distressed and undervalued assets and illiquid credit investments. Aside from his professional life at the Fortress Investment group, Peter held a position on the board of directors at the University of Princeton. Additionally, he has supported several organisations which include Central park conservancy.

Peter Briger pursued a degree in Business administration at Princeton University. After completing the first degree, he pursued a master’s degree at Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Also, Peter takes part in many charity works which he prefers to remain private. He believes in giving back to the society. He has frequently contributed money that has assisted many children to seek education in various educational institutions.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterbriger