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September 27, 2018

Investment management companies are involved with the ongoing quest to enhance the recruiting of top talent. To validate the vital significance of this goal, various surveys have been conducted pointing to a continuous high percentage of financial executives who feel that the present shortage to specialized talent is a significant threat to the future of industries. This is a clear indication that just a few executives trust their recruiting processes when it comes to top talent. Only five percent of the executives are only confident that they will be able to recruit the best talent for their organizations in their next hires. All companies require top talent if they are to succeed in the competitive business world. For an organization to have a competitive edge in a market, it is the responsibility of its employees. Hence, for this reason, companies must strive to ensure they have the best talent on their premises.


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Organizations are using both the inside forces as well as outside services to ensure that they hire only the best. Firms presently use the services of companies that are experts when it comes to hiring. For instance, GoBuyside is one of those companies within The United States that are offering recruitment services. When the founder of the GoBuyside identified the issues that were bothering so many executives, he decided to come up with a solution. With the recruitment company, organizations can save a lot of resources that are related to the recruiting process.

GoBuyside offers recruitment of top talents to fortune 500 organizations, privately held companies, and hedge funds. The company has a team of experts works who are in charge of ensuring that they source for the best talents for the client companies. GoBuyside collaborates with other more than 10000 companies within 40 major cities to ensure that they get the best talents. The company services more than 500 companies within America.

Why OSI Food Solutions Rules the Food Processing Industry

August 24, 2018

OSI Food Solutions has more than a century of business behind it, and its position in the food processing industry is secure. The company is the largest provider of protein in the world. Their operations span across continents, and their offerings include every type of meat. Reaching the top of a large industry takes some creativity, but OSI understands the need for original ideas.

Innovation plays a key role in making OSI Food Solutions one of the top 100 American companies. If you want to stand a chance in this market, you need to have an advantage over other companies. Early on, OSI focused on cryogenics until it became the standard for meat preservation. When the competition adopted their methods, OSI Food Solutions looked outside the box for answers. The company took its multi-state operation worldwide, and it secured its success for decades. No other food processor can compare itself to OSI. Making it onto that top 100 list is an achievement, but it isn’t a finish line. OSI must continue to grow larger, and it needs to find new markets for the protein it produces. When companies this size relax, they can easily lose all their hard work.

OSI Food Solutions recently doubled its chicken capacity to reach its new goals. The demand for protein continues to grow, and they can continue to supply fast food chains as needed. Although their position in the American market is firm, their new plants in Europe need more attention. The recent acquisitions of Baho Foods, a Scandinavian meat deli, should help. These meat processors are familiar with the European market, and they’ll be able to do much of the initial work. On an international scale, OSI needs to focus on precise and careful investments.

Today, OSI focuses on developing a sustainable business model. The company wants to keep its profits high, but it also wants to protect the environment. Finding a way to give their customers what they want without environmental impact is their plan. Meat consumption isn’t going away, but the way we process our meat is going to change in many ways.

Guilherme Paulus; the Trend Setter in Brazil’s Hospitality Sector

¬†Guilherme Paulus; the Trend Setter in Brazil’s Hospitality Sector

Based on confirmed bookings, CVC is one of the largest tour operators in Brazil. The company provides an assorted portfolio of travel products in addition to services for clients of all income capacities. Also, the management is keen on offering the customer a broad portfolio of packages for more than 1,000 international destinations. Besides, the travel products include airfare, accommodations, complimentary services, and travel insurance.


Behind the success of the company is Guilherme Paulus, the co-founder. He helped establish this firm in 1972 with the objective of offering top-notch services in leisure travel products. For decades, he has made sure that the management offers pre-packaged and tailored products that have come with flexible payment terms as well as attractive value propositions for clients. Besides, Guilherme Paulus is among the pioneer providers of leisure products including luxury hotels for accommodations. Over the years, he has also fostered an asset-light model that has allowed the company to bag up to 39.9% returns yearly. Read more articles by Paulus at


Besides, Guilherme Paulus has propelled the augmentation of an extensive online platform by incorporating interactive websites. This is solely for the sale of products in Brazil. Consequently, the company has received over 50 million visitors on the landing page. Other accomplishments he is well known for include helping the company to develop a complimentary virtual platform like improving web navigation flow and reinforcing call center structure to increase visibility.

The Observation

Guilherme Paulus, who started his entrepreneurial journey at 22, is as hardworking even today. Of course, a commoner would say that he is now expected to enjoy the millions he has garnered from the business in the past. For him, this is not the case. Like any other day in his earlier days, he starts his day as early as before and delves into the development of different projects depending on priority. Today, he has managed to market the tourism and hospitality business in different countries. Other than that, he applies strong entrepreneurial networks to garner constructive partnerships that will help grow the business. As such, he has become Brazil’s most celebrated business leader. For emerging entrepreneurs that would like to succeed in the hospitality business, this is the right person to follow. Read more:


Flavio Maluf Advocates For The Business Advantages of Tax Incentives

Flavio Maluf is a prominent Brazilian businessman and one of the fiercest advocates for reducing the enormous tax burden that small businesses throughout the country currently experience. As the president and CEO of the Eucatex corporation, Flavio Maluf has been at the forefront of the Brazilian tax debates for over a decade.

Throughout that time, Maluf has seen the results, up close and personal, that ensue from overtaxing the very people who are the backbone of a country’s economy. Maluf says that overtaxing small business is one of the single most harmful things that any politician could impose upon his constituency. The overtaxing of small businesses leads to a dramatic drop in investment in both the community and the businesses themselves. This leads to the eventual closing of many small businesses while promoting the interest of the much larger corporations who can afford to spend the millions of dollars necessary to successfully offshore their operations and shield their income from burdensome taxation. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Maluf has proposed a number of concrete measures to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. He cites the project known as Zona Franca de Manuas, which was able to radically transform the West Amazonas region of Brazil, causing it to go from one of the most impoverished and neglected areas of the country into being a genuine powerhouse of manufacturing activity. This, says Maluf, was the direct result of intelligent taxation policies, particularly those that included the subsidizing of small businesses and the allowance of more capital retention by small business owners to invest in both their own companies and in the communities in which they operated.

Maluf says that the record of such programs is very clear. When small businesses are empowered it to keep more of their hard-earned money for the purposes of reinvestment in both their own operations and in the community as well, this leads to broadly salutary effects on the economy of the country as a whole. There simply is no substitute for the organic growth that occurs when small businesses are able to pursue their own destinies in the way in which they see fit.

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