The Top Entrepreneur who operates some of the most Reputable International Brands- Chris Burch

September 26, 2018

Chris Burch is a prosperous businessman who owns an array of businesses in various parts of the world. He operates some of the luxurious world brands such as Tory Burch, Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, Jawbone, and Voss Water. Chris Burch is also the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital while his other central investment includes a prestigious resort located on the Island of Sumba, Indonesia. The hotel is known as Nihiwatu where the businessman acquired the premises in 2012. What’s more, the Nihiwatu resort has previously been named as the number one hotel in the world by the world by Travel+ Leisure Magazine.


About Chris Burch’s ways of doing Business

Chris Burch describes himself as a curious individual who strives to know what is happening to the world around him. He is keen to check the lapses that lie in products and services to see whether they require improvements. Besides, his successful business in apparel is what led him into opening the Burch Creative Capital, which helps other entrepreneurs who have ideas. The Burch Creative Capital specializes in blending ideas with funding that is necessary for bringing the business plans of their clients into reality, check (

Further, Chris Burch’s daily routines are marked by different business activities where at times he travels to the South Pacific to checks out his Nihiwatu Resort. Other times he might be traveling for business meetings to New York or Los Angeles as he updates himself with news about the companies that he has invested. Furthermore, Burch brings his ideas to reality by interacting with people as he believes one has to surround themselves with passionate individuals to succeed. Also, Chris Burch is convinced that for any given business that has the potential of excelling, should be executed quickly.

Equally important, Chris Burch is excited about the new trend that most millennials prefer to enjoy experiences rather than owning things. It was due to this influx of the millennial travelers that the Coccoon9 was founded as he saw it as an excellent business opportunity to explore. Moreover, Chris Burch attributes his entrepreneurship skills in his ability to study people and their wants, which helps him to tailor business models that match their needs. In addition, Chris Burch’s secret of excelling in the business world is to always listen to people where he advises other upcoming entrepreneurs to do the same.