JD.com Has Successfully Revived The Traditional Books Stores In China

Traditional book stores are experiencing challenges including fierce competition and declining sales and traffic. A revival is occurring in China due to JD.com. or Jingdong. This is the biggest retailer in the country and includes an online book business. The company provides 49 offline book stores with book procurement, technology and logistics. The company also provides services to retailers including restaurants and consumer goods manufacturers.


Jingdong developed technology for their eCommerce business, increased sales for offline stores and modernized their supply chains. Jingdong is working with a book store in Guangzhou called Tangning Books. The store managed in excess of sixty book suppliers prior to their partnership in 2017 with JD.com. The inventory was replenished through JD.com each week to decrease delivery delays and labor costs. During this period, profits increased seventeen percent and sales grew thirty percent.


The partnership between Jingdoong and Tangning Books, enable the latter to decrease their turnover from more than a year to 220 days. Jingdong provided analysis capabilities regarding customer behaviors and books tailored for their customers. This resulted in an increase in sales. The founder of Tangning is Ningxin Lu. Ningxin stated the business would not have a competitive edge without the supply chain expertise and technology of JD.com. Another issue was the inability to stock all the requested books in a limited space.


Due to the inventory of JD.com, Tangning Books customers can scan the QR codes for books not available in the store and receive delivery within 24 hours. This enables the two businesses to work as a team and share the profits for the sales. The General Manager for JD Logistics value supply chain is Haifeng Yang. Haifeng stated the expertise in inventory and supply chain management, technology and big data provided by the Jingdong platform could benefit numerous additional businesses. Read This Article for related information.


A lot of companies beyond retail have benefited from the solutions offered by Jingdong. One of the most famous restaurant chains in China is called Wang Shun Ge. Jingdong Mall made it possible for them to reduce the delivery costs for their restaurants by half while increasing the speed of their shipments. This became possible when the restaurant chain started using JD.com for logistics and procuring kitchen ingredients in 2017.


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Glen Wakeman’s Transformations in the Entrepreneurial World

June 3, 2018

As the entrepreneurial world continue to grow and evolve in different dimensions, more people realize that they can participate in making a difference in the community. They come to the business world with energy, passion and dreams about their ideas. Such minds should not be left alone on the path to their dreams. They need guidance from experienced people who have made it big in the world of investments. As they take their steps towards making a difference, several factors stand in their way. How they tackle these factors profoundly determines the probability of achieving their dreams.

Launchpad Holdings, started by Glen Wakeman is one of the ventures that has assisted in the molding of early-stage entrepreneurs. The Launchpad Holding is a business entity that is mainly focused on the development and analysis of business plans.

This idea came into existence after Glen had many people approaching him for advice. His consistency in assisting early-stage entrepreneurs made him realize that business plans follow a given structure. Since the foundation of Launchpad, many entrepreneurs have been able to achieve their dreams.

The Launchpad makes it possible for the people to be able to scrutinize their business work. This is done through the software that was developed. The series of questions that the client answers makes it possible challenges and modifications to be made at an early stage. The ability to counter problems at a first stage of the business is beneficial to the entrepreneur. Besides, making the modifications earlier makes it possible for the entrepreneur to restructure the plan. This increases the chances of success.

The heart of Glen Wakeman’s ideas is a five-step methodology. The five basic concepts are talent, operations, finance, market and risk management.

This project is doing quite well. As the many people continue to follow their paths in the entrepreneurial world, Launchpad continues to offer professional standard advice to these people. To is an honor to have people like Glen Wakeman who have great strategies and for crafting beneficial business planning. The tremendous results are being achieved by the visionary entrepreneurs at a faster rate due to the availability of advice from Launchpad.