The Spectacular Advancements of Dr. Jorge Moll in Neurosurgery

Jorge Moll’s reputation in medical sector especially in neurosurgery has vastly spread. His outstanding capabilities in this sector are attributed to his education background and his interest in human psychology and many other mechanisms which govern the human body. Based on his past works, Jorge aims at proving how the inner mechanisms in a human body are manifested to physical characters studied through behaviors. Moll interconnects all these medical aspects with the culture and the today’s society. This characteristic of his work and the research he is doing makes him to be not only be an expert in medical field but also to maintain his title as the best and qualified doctor.


Jorge has made quite a number of publications which explain facts he has so far discovered about human brain and success he has attained on tests on the human body. Not only is Jorge Moll a multi billionaire but also a shareholder of most Brazil’s medical centers. He has a family and owns a research institute that specializes in neurology. The institute is located at Rio de Janeiro equipping its students with complete knowledge in neuroscience.


To most people it might be so stressful to combine all these responsibilities. However, Jorge partakes all of them with no mistakes or hesitations. This is one of the many reasons that attributes to his successful life. Jorge’s publications have not only benefitted Brazil where he comes from but most parts of the world. His knowledge in Neuroscience has left many amazed since he is so perfect and accurate in all neurosurgery activities he conducts.


His love to always be of much help to people facing negative conditions medically is what has made Moll what he is in our medical world today. Over the past years while practicing neurology, Jorge Moll has been able to meet his goals and most importantly answer the questions he always had previously.

Jeff Aronin’s Commitment to Promoting Better Living Through Medicine

June 3, 2018

Jeff Aronin is an exemplary global pharmaceutical executive and an entrepreneur. From a young age, Jeff has been driven to making the world a better place. To achieve this goal, he took the pharmaceutical approach to help people to better living through medicine. In this field, he has accomplished a lot of great successes. Today Jeff sits in executive boards of several pharmaceutical companies like Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Both of these companies were under the Paragon Biosciences umbrella where he has been serving as the Chairman. Back in 2000, as the Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, Mr. Aronin also founded the well-known Ovation Pharmaceuticals.


Driven by better living

Having a world where better living is a norm, is the biggest driver of Jeff Aronin. One of the most definitive moments of his career was when a surgeon he shadowed had to choose between surgery and medication to treat a child with seizures. Under his advisement, the physician went with medication. This not only saved the child from the complications that might have risen from such a complicated procedure but also helped the child live a better life. The child was able to combat the seizures through well-orchestrated medication, and this made him realize that the possibilities of medication are endless.


An exemplary and purpose-driven career

Looking through Jeff’s career, it is easy to point out that Ovation Pharmaceuticals was his biggest success. After founding this company, he became its chair for nine years ending February 2009. During this time, he was able to grow Ovation Pharmaceuticals to become a notable pharmaceutical company globally. In 2009, a Danish Pharmaceutical giant – H. Lundbeck A/S bought Ovation for a record $900 million.


Mr. Aronin is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and DePaul University where he graduated with a B.S. and M.B.A respectively. He is also an entrepreneurship lecturer at Booth Business School University of Chicago and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He believes that by equipping the younger generation with entrepreneurship skills, they can be able to find solutions to current problems and therefore promoting better living.


Jeff Aronin also runs the Aronin Family Foundation which supports and funds research for some of the world’s neglected health conditions and ailments.