Michael Burwell’s Career As A CPA

Michael Burwell is a certified public accountant and a graduate of Michigan State University. He worked as an accountant for several years before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC (PwC) in July 2001 and spending the next 16 years of his career there. His first position at PwC was as the leader of transaction services for the Midwest as well the automotive industry leader. His success in these positions over the next four years led to him being promoted to be the US leader of the transaction services group. During these years he audited many clients of this company and performed assurance practice work.


In March 2008, Michael Burwell was promoted to PwC’s chief financial officer. He moved from Detroit, Michigan, to New York City for this new position. Just a year and a half later he was again promoted when, in addition to his position as the COO, he was named the new chief financial officer. In this new position he handled all of this firm’s United States business.


It was in October 2012 that Michael Burwell earned his next promotion, this time to global and US transformation leader. In this position, which he held for almost four years, he traveled across America as well as overseas in order to attend to PwC’s global operations. In July 2016 he was made a partner of PwC.


Around a year and half after having been made a partner of PwC, Michael Burwell decided to leave this firm and instead join Willis Towers Watson India Careers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was named this company’ new CFO after the former one had voluntarily retired. His new firm is a multinational company that provides advisory and broking serves to its clients. It was founded in 1828 and employees 40,000 people around the world. See This Article for additional information.


When Michael Burwell was hired at Willis Towers Watson the CEO of the company said that he is an excellent manager of people and would help to drive his company’s global growth. He also said that Michael Burwell exhibits a strong focus on the needs of clients and would be an excellent fit at his company.


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The Outstanding Business Skills of Michael Burwell

One of the most respected insurance brokerage and risk management firms is Willis Towers Watson. The Chief Financial Officer of that company is Michael Burwell. He has helped this company achieve tremendous growth during his tenure in this role. One of the reasons Burwell has succeeded is the fact that he does a great deal of research before he makes any decisions that will have a dramatic impact on the company as a whole. This allows him to minimize risk and limit the amount of capital that is lost. He has received a great deal of praise from his superiors about the way he goes about his job. Willis Towers Watson is in the best financial position it has been in for many years because of the way he goes about his business.


Burwell relishes the opportunity to be in the position of Chief Financial Officer. This was not the original career path he had planned for himself. However, got a few promotions that allowed him to experience other responsibilities that he had a talent for. Basically, he stumbled into his current career completely by accident. He has said that all things happen for a reason. Michael Burwell believes fate played a very large role in determining his career path.


Burwell received a full scholarship to attend Michigan State University. While he was there, he got great grades and impressed all of his professors. He still keeps in contact with many of the professors who taught him. He credits these people with helping to make him the successful businessman that he is today. He academic achievements impressed the people at PwC. In fact, they offered him a very good position at their company as soon as he graduated. Burwell did not realize at the time that this would be the start of a 31-year association with PwC.


It was not an easy decision for Michael Burwell after having worked for the company for so many years. However, he felt that he would regret not trying a new challenge. He loved his job and all of the people who worked at PwC. However, he felt the time was right to leave and work for a new company. Burwell described the experience as both terrifying and satisfying at the same time. He is glad that he made the move. Things are going very well for him at Willis Towers Watson. He believes that his future is very bright. See This Page for additional information.

Michael Burwell, 31 Years Of Excellence

Michael Burwell is a CPA who proudly graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. After graduating, Michael went on to work for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. In 1997 he was admitted to partnership. Michael Burwell spent 11 years with numerous audit clients for the Detroit based company. His success with the company led to his leadership role of the Central Region and he served as The U.S. Transaction Service Leader for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Michael continued his move upward in the company by being appointed to Chief Financial Officer in the year 2007, and in 2008, he became the Chief Operating Officer in the United States for the company.


His leadership skills and talents moved him farther up the company ladder in 2012 when Burwell was named Vice Chairman of Global and United States Transformation. Michael Burwell was successful in overseeing the efficient functioning of Human Capital, Finance, and Technology and Global Sourcing. He also worked as Senior Relationship Partner for several clients of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP during his time with the company.


With 31 years of combined professional experience, including 11 years of audit experience, and 12 years of outstanding Transactional Service Advisory experience, Michael Burwell caught the eye of Willis Tower Watson. With roots dating all the way back to 1828, Willis Tower Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and risk management solutions company serving over 140 different countries.


In August 2017, Willis Tower Watson announced the voluntary retirement their Chief Financial Officer. Roger Millay. The company also announced that Roger Millay’s successor would be Michael Burwell. The company expressed their excitement of Michael becoming the new Chief Financial officer. John Haley, Chief Executive Officer for Willis Tower Watson, stated “We are excited to have Mike join our leadership team at such an important point in our company’s evolution.”


Burwell also expressed his gratitude and excitement stating, ‘’I am honored to have this opportunity to join Willis Towers Watson,” he also went on to say. “In all of my interactions, I have been impressed with the strength of leadership, commitment to clients and collaborative and inclusive culture. I look forward to contributing to the success of the company.” Read This Article for more information.


Michael Burwell new position with the company took effect immediately following Millay’s retirement on October 2nd, 2017.


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