Matt Badiali Predicts the Future of the Natural Resources and Why They are Good Investments

Banyan Hill Publishing is a leading financial publishing house in the United States, headquartered in Florida. The publishing house was established with the aim to help common people understand the financial world clearly and provide them with the investment tips that would secure their future financially. There are many emerging sectors that Banyan Hill Publishing covers, including the already established sectors. Providing readers with firsthand knowledge of different sectors help the readers make an informed decision about on what to invest and when. The timing of the investment is important as well, and it is necessary that people are ready to invest in some risk involved. It is when people know how to minimize their risks are they able to earn huge profits from their investments.Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali also works with Banyan Hill Publishing as an expert on natural resources. The expertise of Matt in the field of natural resources is partly due to his educational background as he has done Bachelors in Science from Penn State University and received the Masters in the same field from Florida Atlantic University. He even pursued Ph.D. in Geology, but midway entered the world of finance. The expertise of Matt Badiali in the field of natural resources is undisputed, and many of his predictions in this field have not only come true but have also helped his readers and followers to earn huge sums from their investment in the sector. As an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali wants to make sure that his readers are well informed about what is going on in the field of natural resources so that they do not make any wrong choices with their investments.

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IC System: A Famous Accounts Receivable Company

IC System is a company in the field of accounts receivable. It has been in the area for over 80 years. They are committed to customers in delivering quality services. Jack Erickson and Ruth established it in 1938. Its headquarter lies at St. Paul in Minnesota. Its primary principle since inception remains provision of honest and ethical services to the clients. The company has a history of being handled by three generations of the founding family. Despite this, it has always remained focused on what it believes in. Their consistency on ethical service has made it recognizable by various independent organizations. IC System was a finalist for three on consecutive years since 2013 for Better Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. The company continues to exist as the best and leading innovator in the collections industry.


Apart from the commitment to the innovations, IC System does well in giving back to the community. It performs most of these functions through many initiatives. It is keen on ensuring that all the employees are participating in the volunteer projects in the company. Some of the charitable activities that the company has been involved in the past and currently include, The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics, and Toy for Tots and many others. The company meets its goals through a combination of endeavors like communication with their partners, operation methods, and analysis of success and failures. Their core values stand at sustainability and charitable initiatives. They value the culture of the company, which includes the priority on integrity virtues, respect on serving customers, quality delivery of services and performance in general, pursuing innovative ideas, and being proud of their work in general. IC System ensures that they influence the right environment at work by promoting the work done by the employees. This attention is given to those that are committed to excellence in the company.


When it comes to the compliance concerning IC System practices, as an accounts receivable company, they ensure that their methods are up to date. This is achieved through systems of extensive auditing, training, and correct documentation. They maintain a good report through the Compliance Risk management System. IC System is licensed in the United States with fulfilled requirements.


June 3, 2018

Most people only have common knowledge of finance since for many years their parents have always been in charge of their finances. It all dawns on someone when they graduate, and they now have to make financial decisions on their own. To be one’s own responsible manager, there are challenges to overcome.


Financial illiteracy is the first challenge. There is need of financial knowledge among the young generation, but unfortunately, it is rarely taught in schools. The vice president of Phoenix operations for Freedom Financial Networks, Kevin Gallegos says that it should be a personal initiative of the young generation to teach themselves. Christopher Linkas, European Head of Credit at UK-Based Investment Group, states that the young generation is at an advantage in that being acquainted with modern technology, they can get all this information online.


The second challenge is repaying student loans. Undergraduate degrees are barely enough in this era yet students still apply for students’ loan to finance their education which they might be unable to repay even after graduating and landing a good job. Based on, the number of students borrowing loans to finance their education is more than half, leaving them with debts of around $10,000 that they have to pay.


Another challenge is learning to invest and risk taking. According to Christopher Linkas, the young adults probably don’t have a lot of money to invest, but they have a far more valuable asset called time. Compounding takes time and occurs when one invests the little they have, gets the earnings from it and re-invest it. This will help slowly grow one’s wealth without budget strain. Linkas goes on to say that investing at a younger age provides more learning opportunity to study markets and trends. With time on their side, the young generation easily recover from financial mistakes and grow to become smart investors with better strategies.


The last challenge is overcoming pressure to do things in a specific way. The older generation went for big salaries, cars and houses while most young people want to be free to do what makes them happy. Everyone should choose their own best path.


In conclusion, financial education and patience are critical for the young adults, but as Cruze says, the young generation should remember they are still young and be grateful with what they have, but they should work hard to be able to make significant purchases without paying interests.