Bob Reina Won’t Quit

To entrepreneur Bob Reina, persistence is the key to success and sadly we seem to be lacking that very important trait as adults. As children, we were eager, optimistic, and full of ambition and many of seem to have lost all of that as adults. We are becoming a society of quitters who base our decisions on and demand instant gratification.


Before social media, we lived our childhoods getting up on our bikes with skinned knees and scraped paint and trying again. We persisted until we met our goals, according to entrepreneur Bob Reina. Learn more:


Instead of focusing on our aspirations, we focus on inconsequential things with quick results that we can post about on social media insists Bob Reina. While more are saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” not many seem to really put the effort into juicing those lemons and quit before they get to adding sugar and it’s become an empty platitude. Instead of finding a silver lining, we just post about finding one on Instagram.


We give up on marriages, jobs, and almost everything that requires work. Bob Reina noted that successful people have something in common, they don’t give up. The more you put into something, the more you get out and you cannot give up on your aspirations to pursue frivolous goals with instant payouts.


Bob Reina was a police officer before pursuing his career in network marketing. While directing traffic off-duty, he was introduced to the concept and later his company Talk Fusion was born. It wasn’t always easy, but his hard work paid off and he is now the Chief Executive Officer of the first video network marketing system in the world. He gained inspiration when AOL told him there was no way for him to send s short video to his mother back in 2004 and was determined to prove them wrong. From this, Bob Reina’s product Video Email was born with the help of a friend in IT. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion has now seen success in over 140 countries. It has forever changed the direct selling industry and his success is based directly on the success he has helped bring others.


Bob Reina is dedicated to philanthropy in his community of Tampa Bay. He donates uniforms to local sports teams as well as providing financial assistance to the Florida SPCA.


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