Atlantic City Welcomes Boraie Development’s new Luxury Tower!

March 12, 2018

New Jersey Atlantic City welcomes a luxurious 250 unit apartment tower, known as the Beach at South Inlet. Boraie Development, a New Brunswick developer, has plans to open the $81 million complex next summer. Boraie Development is led by the President, Omar Boraie, and his two sons. The groundbreaking company was established 30 years ago as Mr. Boraie’s enterprising business model began when he set his sights upon enhancing underdeveloped areas across the United States; of course starting with the New Brunswick area, where the Egyptian native ventured out to study chemistry. The accomplished visionary has a propensity to incorporate high-end designer characteristics into each development. His stylish skyscrapers customarily include spacious living quarters, an around the clock doorman, impeccable lobbies, customized kitchens, private parking, sky decks with terraces, they also have a technology savvy concierge system where tenants can digitally satisfy rent payments, receive delivery and guest messages or alerts, and remain on trend with community affairs.


According to Rutgers, the building’s landscape is assured to have retail, office, and recreational space incorporated to offer a distinguishable posh element to its renters and shoppers. The development company unceasingly catapults luxury to the next level with every project. One could only imagine that Mr. Boraie will carry such deluxe comforts forward to his new venue in Atlantic City. The property will accommodate 50,00 people in the tourist town. Atlantic City has not seen any impactful structural innovations within the past 25 years, so the development of the Beach at South Inlet is expected to bring a huge surge to the community’s growth and economy. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


It will offer the area more luxury housing choices as well as alternatives to its gaming industry attractions. Wasseem Boraie, the eldest son of Omar Boraie and company Vice President, shares that they are moving the once barren stretch of land in the direction of a more sustainable, diversified economy. They have progressive designs to set up commerce markets, reflecting a technical center, a college campus, revamped Pier Shops, and future Bass Pro Shops in order to attract varieties of tenant and shopping clientele. Atlantic City is bustling with anticipation as it ushers in its new resort-like tower, The Beach at South Inlet.



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