All About the Southridge Capital Company

The Southridge Capital company is a financial solutions corporation that has been around since early 1996. The main office is in Connecticut, but they also have offices throughout America and overseas in Africa, Australia and Singapore. Because of their ability to provide financial services overseas, they have become the fastest-growing financial company in the world. The executive team of Southridge Capital has redefined and refined their financial strategies that are currently being used by other companies. They create a level of control with an understanding of the current marketplace to provide better funding to their customers. The structured investment team of Southridge Capital has currently made over $1.8 billion in American investments. With over 20 years of experience, Southridge Capital can customize a financial plan for a customer and execute these plans without risk of failure. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.


According to PR Newswire, serving well over 250 public companies, Southridge Capital has the extensive experience that’s needed to face corporate growth and change despite the age of a particular company. Currently, Southridge Capital employs less than 10 main financial analysts who work on the hundreds of corporate owners who come to them for financial aid. These professionals include Stephen Hicks, who is the CEO of the company, Linda Carlsen, Henry Sargent and Laurence Ditkoff. Working as a team, these expert analysts and advisors create unique spreadsheets and data plans that keep your financial potential in check with superior education that prepares you for your own monetary future gain. The experts can teach you about changes and trends within the market which will secure your company’s assets. Their services include restructuring analysis, mergers and acquisitions, financial solutions, credit enhancing and repair as well as balance sheet optimization.


The CEO and founder of Southridge Capital is Stephen Hicks, who is a graduate of BriarCliff Manor and Fordham University in New York. Before creating Southridge Capital, he worked as an investor and financial analyst for the Bridge Group for over 10 years. His experience in the field as well as his team of hard-working financial experts gives them an edge to create a personalized plan that will establish and alter your business administration. You can visit their website



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