A Look into Michael Hagele’s Day

May 5, 2018

Michael Hagele is a renowned professional in the field of law who has made a name due to his entrepreneurial approach to this field. He has specialized as a general counsel for technology firms. Some of the industries where he offers his services include aerospace, defense, and biotechnology. He has in the past invested in various promising technology industries with the aim of growing with them. Michael also has created many ventures. Many of his investments are in the hospitality and restaurant field. Michael Hagele has been key to completion of many domestic as well as international deals to many companies in the telecommunication field. He is so much sought after due to his immense knowledge in handling law matters in the area of telecom. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Mr. Hagele once worked as an in-house attorney. He mainly specialized in serving venture capital companies. Some of the services that he delivered to these institutions include corporate governance, employment, and management of mergers between firms. Michael Hagele is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley where he got his law degree.

In a recent interview, Michael discussed his journey to becoming the successful lawyer that he is today. He had formerly worked as an independent attorney as well as an employee of a firm. From the two experiences, Mr. Hagele chose the former. He says that working independently gives one an opportunity to work with clients closely. This way, one can get their needs and respond to them appropriately to bring about fulfillment. Michael believes in the provision of quality services to his clients. Working as an independent attorney gives him an appropriate platform to do so.

Mr. Hagele usually has a busy day. He begins the day by checking his daily tasks and what he had planned to do on the day. He begins with checking intellectual property cases and counseling. After that, Michael Hagele engages in the creation of contracts like technology licensing agreements. After finishing these tasks, Michael takes time to ride his bicycle. This is meant to give him a break from the tedious and engaging office work. After the ride, Mr. Hagele is more set to further deliver to his numerous clients. His days are always spent in doing activities that are meant to give satisfaction to the client needs. See: https://michaelhagele.tumblr.com/


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