Krishen Iyer Discusses His New Business

November 30, 2018

Even before he walked across the stage and received his diploma, Krishen Iyer had already begun running a successful business and now he owns his own company. So just how did he manage to achieve such widespread success as a marketing entrepreneur? He recently agreed to an interview to discuss how he got his start and where he would like to go in the future of his career. He first began running IHS insurance when he was a sophomore at San Diego State University but he continued maintaining it long after he graduated. Finally, in 2014, he disbanded the company and they went their separate ways, although it’s not clear why he decided to move on from that business. However, this move did not send him to the unemployment line as he had another company to run.
In 2009, Krishen Iyer first established the company known as Name My Premium and he served as its founder and CEO until leaving the company five years later. It’s unclear why he walked away from it but, nevertheless, it wasn’t long before he established his current company, Managed Benefits Services. Throughout the nation, there are numerous marketing companies who constantly have unmet needs and that’s where MBS comes into the picture. Their goal is to fulfill the needs of their clients and ensure these businesses have all the tools they need to maintain success and prosperity for the foreseeable future. As an entrepreneur, he finds marketing analytics fascinating.
The best $100 he ever spent is when he invited a bunch of his colleagues out to a karaoke bar and offered free drinks to anyone who would get on stage and sing a song. As it happens, one of his favorite books is Stephen King’s classic novel, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.” Has Successfully Revived The Traditional Books Stores In China

Traditional book stores are experiencing challenges including fierce competition and declining sales and traffic. A revival is occurring in China due to or Jingdong. This is the biggest retailer in the country and includes an online book business. The company provides 49 offline book stores with book procurement, technology and logistics. The company also provides services to retailers including restaurants and consumer goods manufacturers.


Jingdong developed technology for their eCommerce business, increased sales for offline stores and modernized their supply chains. Jingdong is working with a book store in Guangzhou called Tangning Books. The store managed in excess of sixty book suppliers prior to their partnership in 2017 with The inventory was replenished through each week to decrease delivery delays and labor costs. During this period, profits increased seventeen percent and sales grew thirty percent.


The partnership between Jingdoong and Tangning Books, enable the latter to decrease their turnover from more than a year to 220 days. Jingdong provided analysis capabilities regarding customer behaviors and books tailored for their customers. This resulted in an increase in sales. The founder of Tangning is Ningxin Lu. Ningxin stated the business would not have a competitive edge without the supply chain expertise and technology of Another issue was the inability to stock all the requested books in a limited space.


Due to the inventory of, Tangning Books customers can scan the QR codes for books not available in the store and receive delivery within 24 hours. This enables the two businesses to work as a team and share the profits for the sales. The General Manager for JD Logistics value supply chain is Haifeng Yang. Haifeng stated the expertise in inventory and supply chain management, technology and big data provided by the Jingdong platform could benefit numerous additional businesses. Read This Article for related information.


A lot of companies beyond retail have benefited from the solutions offered by Jingdong. One of the most famous restaurant chains in China is called Wang Shun Ge. Jingdong Mall made it possible for them to reduce the delivery costs for their restaurants by half while increasing the speed of their shipments. This became possible when the restaurant chain started using for logistics and procuring kitchen ingredients in 2017.


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Ted Bauman is an Accomplished Economist

Ted Bauman has quite the interesting past for an economist and financial advisor on Banyan Hill. Unlike many of the other experts on the platform, Ted has spent the majority of his life and career across seas and traveling. More specifically, Ted lived in South Africa for more than 25 years and traveled all over the country as well as other countries doing humanitarian work, in a sense. In South Africa as well as many third world countries throughout the Middle East and Asia, there is a huge gap in the population in terms of wealth and opportunity. Ted Bauman focused on working at non-profit organizations trying to make a better living for the average citizen, whether they were in need of work or life support.

When Ted Bauman first moved to South Africa, he spent several years studying at Cape Town University until he successfully completed his degree in economics. Rather than returning home, Ted Bauman stayed in South Africa because he saw the condition that many people lived in and he wanted to help improve the community. Ted joined a variety of philanthropic organizations over the years, working as a financial consultant, fund manager, as well as various other jobs to help people around the country. Even when Ted finally returned to the United States in 2008, he wasn’t the financial advisor that he is today. Instead, Ted returned to take up a job in Atlanta at the Habitat for Humanity as a program director.

Ted has done an extensive amount of traveling throughout his life, much of which occurred because of his career at the time. Because of this, Ted is not only experienced in various markets as an economist, his work has been recognized and appreciated in many parts of the world. Since the start of his career, Ted has been showcased throughout a variety of different news outlets and journals, including The Cape Times, South Africa Press New Internationalist, Small Enterprise Development, and more.


Chris Burch: The Human Behind Humanitarian

November 24, 2018

Chris Burch, CEO of Burch Creative Capital, is a New York-based businesses man. As an investor, Chris Burch invests in a wide range of businesses from financial services, apparel, and hospitality to only name a few. In the following, we take a look at his newest venture named, Nihi Sumba Island.

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In an article, it describes Chris Burch as the “billionaire entrepreneur” who co-owns Nihi Sumba Island located in Indonesia, follow reading at ( In 2012, he and his counterpart, James McBride created a once ordinary “surfing spot” and turned into what Nihi Sumba Island is today, a world-renown hotel. Further down the article, it describes the origins of Nihi Sumba Island. In it, it describes that there were only a few simple shacks and what got him there in the first place, check out this cool site here on ( He goes on to say that the people in the island of Sumba, the Sumbanese people, are his main inspiration for creating such a hotel. As a humanitarian at the core, Chris Burch took over the Sumba Foundation, which was originally founded by Claude Graves. The Sumba Foundation now provides health services and improves the lives of the Sumbanese to this day.


Who Is Chris Burch and How Did He Become Who He Is Today

Many know Chris Burch as the co-founder of the fashion brand, Tory Burch. The man before being dubbed the “billionaire entrepreneur” came from humble beginnings. Earlier in the article, Chris Burch describes his childhood. He says that he didn’t really get good grades and couldn’t concentrate much. He couldn’t sleep at night either. So instead of being restless, he stayed up listening to people calling into a radio show. This is where he developed his skills in empathy. In turn, creating a curious environment for him. Fast forwarding to his college years at Ithaca College, he launched his first business venture, selling sweaters. Today, Chris Burch is now a frequent guest speaker at Harvard Business School. He goes on to describe moments in his life that changed him and help him realize his talent of a “deeper creative understanding of people.” The article ends inspiring the author and was in awe of how Chris Burch made him take a deeper look into humanity.


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