Upwork is Moving Up

October 31, 2018

What Is New with Upwork

Recently patch.com did an informative article about Upwork. Upwork offers an online platform for clients and freelancers. Upwork is a company that is completely freelancer based. Freelancers can go onto this platform, and they can post information about their skills and their qualifications. Once they have created a profile, they are able to get jobs from international clients. Clients also go on this platform in order to find qualified candidates. When clients are looking for a professional who can carry out certain tasks, they can go through the profiles of different freelancers in order to find one who has the skills that fit their needs. This is an extraordinary platform. It has allowed millions of individuals to connect and to find work.

More on Upwork

Upwork was founded because of a merger of two different online freelance companies. These two companies were Elance and Odesk. This merger took place in 2014, and the results has been phenomenal. Upwork has been able to raise over $100 million in funding from investors, and recently, Upwork has gone public on the NASDAQ. Several high ranking companies have decided to become stakeholders for this innovative company. When it comes to revenue, Upwork has been able to generate more than $225 million. Upwork’s shares started at $15 each, and they have had a 53% increase.

The future of Upwork

Upwork continues to have success when it comes to freelancing and clients, and the company has been able to help individuals in more than 180 countries to find work and connect with professionals. There is a worldwide trend towards online work; this allows a person to be location independent. Since Upwork has created the perfect platform that enables professionals to find work online, the future looks bright for upwork.

How Has Sheldon Lavin’s Involvement In OSI Industries Changed Its Fortunes?

OSI Industries, former Otto and Sons Company, weathered the great depression of 1929 and outlived the two world wars. However, the periods leading to 1970 saw the company face a myriad of management and operational challenges that threatened its sustainability. In a bid to salvage the situation, Otto’s sons invited a financial expert and a player within the investment banking industry, Sheldon Lavin, to help identify lasting solutions to these problems.

His contribution towards keeping the company afloat as well as personal capital injections to fund company operations saw him partner with Otto’s sons in managing the meat processing company before eventually taking over as chairman and CEO. But how has his input changed the century-old meat processor?

Realized the company’s expansionary dream

OSI Industries has always been on an expansionary path that saw it evolve from a butcher shop to a meat company. The transition was, however, slow as it was heavily weighed down by the numerous capital and managerial challenges facing it at the time. Sheldon stepped in and used his investment industry network to facilitate funding that allowed the company to fast track most of its expansionary goals.

After assuming office as chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin recommended a change of tact from building new facilities to acquiring established ones across the world. The move saw the company realize its global expansionary dream in less than four decades.

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Set it up towards a more successful path

Poor resource management, constant use of redundant technology, and too much emphasis on the local market limited the company’s success. Sheldon disrupted this by pioneering the adoption of advanced factory technologies and marketing OSI Industries products to global markets thus opening it up to more paths to success.

Eliminated common and persistent problems

Some of the problems facing OSI Industries before Sheldon’s take over included inability to meet market demands and financial challenges. The finance expert would, however, exploit his connections and experience to come up with lasting solutions to these challenges.

For instance, the introduction of modern processing technology reduced operating costs and boosted production capacity. Personal capital injections and expanded markets would, on the other hand, address the persistent lack of capital challenge.

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Anthony Constantinou Has Garnered Many Distinctions Over His Career Including A Major One That He Achieved This August


It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact that Artificial Intelligence technology is going to play a major factor in the future of humanity. AI technology is already far more ingrained into the day to day lives of many people than they may even be aware of.

From our social media activity to searching on the internet, Artificial Intelligence technology, as it stands today, has become a major force working in our rapidly advancing world. Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical areas of AI research and some of the most important work within this field is being done in the United Kingdom at the nations prestigious academic institution Queen Mary University. Read This Article for related information.

At Queen Mary University, the prestigious Department of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is under the direction of its department head Professor Anthony Constantinou. Anthony Constantinou serves as an esteemed lecturer at researcher at the university on top of his duties in terms of running this vibrant and continually busy academic department. Anthony Constantinou stands at the head of a college department that has constant action going on. There are numerous post-graduate and PhD students along with all of the critical faculty research that is being undertaken by Anthony Constantinou and his colleagues within the Department of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou has a specific interest in doing research regarding topics such as decision making with an intelligent basis and also the topic of casual discovery within the field of AI. A quick glance at the activity going on in Anthony Constantinou’s department at Queen Mary College reveals that there are publications being put out and PhD studentships being offered. To top it off, Assistant Professor Anthony Constantinou has been named to the role of Turing Fellows.


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Roseann Bennett On Running A Center For Those In Need


Family and marriage therapist Roseann Bennett took her love of helping people and created a company that would directly help those who needed her help.


Roseann Bennett is the driving force behind her business, making sure all the programs and employees are functioning and running smoothly. Roseann Bennett, together with her husband Todd;  is the Co-Founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It was Bennet’s long term dream to create the center, and it all came together in 2009.


What does it take to run a charitable organization? A lot of commitment, passion, organization, and much more. Roseann Bennett takes on therapy for individuals and groups, does crisis management, treatment planning, and case management. It can be challenging, but Roseann Bennett does is flawlessly. She attended Seton Hall University and earned both MA and EdS degrees in psychological studies and Marriage and Family Therapy. This education led her to her current career.


Roseann strives to be a balanced therapist by taking time for self-care. This means every once in a while taking some time out for a massage, a weekend away, or maybe even reading a bit each day. She stay motivated and productive Roseann is focused on helping her patients with her presence and full attention. She also takes a moment to think about solutions to problems, she is trying to solve. This technique is used by many people. Sometimes stepping away is what is needed to come to a conclusion. Go Here to learn more about Bennett.


Bennett is a self-proclaimed old school person when it comes to writing things down. She prefers to use paper and pen when jotting down notes compared using technology to get the job done. One of the newest therapies that Roseann has incorporated into her center is Canine-Assisted Therapy. It works really well with children because they feel comfortable with the furry counterpart.


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