James Dondero: Argentina’s Financial Hope

August 30, 2018

Latin America has had its fair share of financial disparities. Being plagued with scandals and all other sorts of corruption, most of those countries have not truly recovered and are sitting in poverty. Argentina was spared from the financial ruin that other countries in their region faced. With most of the population being highly educated, and has managed to come out from under financial stagnation. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital, saw Argentina as an investment and it was not a loss. He sent a dedicated team to Latin America to help get the country back on track. Mauro Staltari is one of the people on the team helping to make Argentina better than what it is. There are teams in Buenos Aires and São Paulo that believe the economic growth in Argentina will flourish and surpass the other small countries there. The teams believe that they have what it takes to not only be an investment to pour into but to also help pour into others. That is what Argentina is striving for. Dondero has always seen this beautiful place as an opportunity to help not their economy but others as well.

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President Macri made changes in order for Argentina to come out of its slump. He took away the policies that were holding the country back from being a financial giant. He decided to raise the energy tariffs that were never changed in over 10 years. Currency control was also taken away. Now the people can invest without hindrances. The global market is where everyone wants to compete including Argentina. Visit Patch.com to know more about James.

Thanks to Dondero and his team wanting to see Argentina thrive, they have officially entered the global market. The president’s strategies worked. Now this country can be a part of real economic competition and become a respected country.

Entrepreneur Dick Devos

August 30, 2018

Most people don’t realize that Dick Devos has joined the political arena. They may remember his gubernatorial run in 2006 in Michigan, but Devos has stayed out the limelight and supported his wife for many years as he continued to found and run his own business, The Windquest Group. Devos is known as the former CEO and President of Amway, who helped broker the deal with Shaquille O’Neal in Orlando in the 1980s. However, Dick Devos has become much more legendary in the business world since then.


In fact, he has risen the sales of all companies he’s worked with for the past two decades just due to his strategy and acumen. This is also true when it comes to working with airline and airports. Many don’t realize that Devos is a passionate pilot who has an avid aviation business career on the side. He has been working with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for many years, trying to help the airport expand and become even larger than nearby airports in Detroit.


This may actually happen now thanks to a $45 million renovation project that expanded the airport. This is in part due to Devos’ work with the airlines around him, including Southwest and Air Tran Airways. His work with these two airlines in particular helped to expand the airport greatly and usher in a new era of greater ticket sales and a new audience, business travelers.


The new business traveler center in the airport is part of that expansion, but there is also something else. Devos has always been a big believer in aviation education and pilot training. He now has co-founded a school on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The charter school helps students learn to become pilots and has had a very successful graduation record for the past few years.


The school is just one part of Devos’ passions. As a mentor, he has helped young pilots head into the aviation industry with a better mind for flight operations, and he has also worked with airlines to expand their offerings and grow a new stream of business in the Grand Rapids area.


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His work in Grand Rapids is quite legendary to all those who live there. With his wife, the couple have donated over $134 million to education and arts in the area as well.

Roles played by Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides in InnovaCare Health

August 29, 2018

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides can be defined as being key players in the operations of InnovaCare Health. They have experience in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years. Rick Shinto serves as the CEO and president of the InnovaCare Health. During the early years, he worked in MedPartners, NAMM and the Cal Optimal Health Plan. His exceptional skills saw him being named the Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012. Rick Shinto has further been named as being one of the top 25 minority executives in the healthcare sector. He has transformed the healthcare sector by offering innovative tools, integrated models, and bringing onboard critical partners.


Penelope Kokkinides is an expert in clinical programs and contributes towards the creation of management healthcare programs. She as the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Health. In the past, she has worked with healthcare organization such as Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice. Penelope Kokkinides has also worked with Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs. The two individuals share the view that payment models lead to great efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services. They help lower the operational costs thus making the services affordable to different individuals. They further serve to improve the relationships between the providers-patients.


Services and Product Portfolio of InnovaCare Health


The InnovaCare Health offers an array of services and products that are intended to address the problems and challenges in the healthcare sector. It seeks to register improved levels of coordination and adoption of emerging technologies. The mission of the group is redefining healthcare management through strong patient-provider relationships, innovative tools, and other changes. The InnovaCare Health group holds the view that the interests of the patient come first. Likewise, working with other stakeholders would help improve the quality of healthcare services and prompted adherence to the set standards. Check out crunchbase



Teamwork calls for improved levels of coordination and sharing of information. It is thus expected that health care providers would have well-structured teams sharing a common vision. The services and products offered by InnovaCare Health have been instrumental in optimizing the services of physicians and other professionals. Improved relationships between the provider and the patient imply that their quality of life would significantly be improved. Rick Shinto has in the past been active in addressing the existing disparities in the delivery of healthcare services. Contrary to the setting where colored individuals were sidelined in the access to medical services, all individuals have equal opportunities. You can visit laraza.com to know more.



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Why OSI Food Solutions Rules the Food Processing Industry

August 24, 2018

OSI Food Solutions has more than a century of business behind it, and its position in the food processing industry is secure. The company is the largest provider of protein in the world. Their operations span across continents, and their offerings include every type of meat. Reaching the top of a large industry takes some creativity, but OSI understands the need for original ideas.

Innovation plays a key role in making OSI Food Solutions one of the top 100 American companies. If you want to stand a chance in this market, you need to have an advantage over other companies. Early on, OSI focused on cryogenics until it became the standard for meat preservation. When the competition adopted their methods, OSI Food Solutions looked outside the box for answers. The company took its multi-state operation worldwide, and it secured its success for decades. No other food processor can compare itself to OSI. Making it onto that top 100 list is an achievement, but it isn’t a finish line. OSI must continue to grow larger, and it needs to find new markets for the protein it produces. When companies this size relax, they can easily lose all their hard work.

OSI Food Solutions recently doubled its chicken capacity to reach its new goals. The demand for protein continues to grow, and they can continue to supply fast food chains as needed. Although their position in the American market is firm, their new plants in Europe need more attention. The recent acquisitions of Baho Foods, a Scandinavian meat deli, should help. These meat processors are familiar with the European market, and they’ll be able to do much of the initial work. On an international scale, OSI needs to focus on precise and careful investments.

Today, OSI focuses on developing a sustainable business model. The company wants to keep its profits high, but it also wants to protect the environment. Finding a way to give their customers what they want without environmental impact is their plan. Meat consumption isn’t going away, but the way we process our meat is going to change in many ways.