Gregory Aziz Road To Success

Gregory Aziz was born on 30th April 1949 in Ontario, London. He did Economics at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently the Chairman; President and the Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car having worked with the company from 1994. National Steel Car up to date manufactures the railroad freight cars of the best quality in North America.


Greg Aziz started a business in 1971 after his studies when he merged with his family in a wholesale food business. For years the company did well opening up other branches across Eastern Canada and United States. Through several investments in banking, in 1994 he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco.


National Steel Car are credit worth more than 100 years in engineering a m well as in manufacturing. This is attributed to their purpose in moving on with tenacity, honoring the traditions of the past, leading in all aspects and offering the best quality. Additionally, customer’s loyalty and support have contributed to the best being processed. James Aziz experience in engineering, manufacturing, and leadership skills have influenced the success of national Steel Car being recognized worldwide through railroad and tank cars manufacturing.

For 5 years the company had a noticeable rise in the number of employees and increase in sales per year thus increase in manufacturing capacity. Today, National Steel Car is a certified company ISO 9001:2008 leading in-car innovation each year building more than one thousand railroad freight cars. They have also ensured they are North America’s leader in railcar manufacturing. Go Here for additional information.

Recently, Canadian Pacific Plans for giving new life in a half billion-dollar investment with railcar order. For a start, 1,000 cars will come from National Steel Car which by the end of four years the order will be approximately 5900 hopper cars. These new cars from national steel car will be a convenience in carrying more rains as they are lighter and shorter. The company manufactures quality railcars for which they have become prominent.

Greg Aziz emphasized the importance of customers’ safety is considered. This was after the tender on stronger and safer rail tank cars for the transportation of flammable liquids with the North Americans. The long-term relationship between Greg J Aziz and Canpotex has contributed to coastal ports becoming flooded with Saskatchewan as new rail cars were manufactured.


He has a passion for Hamilton community sponsoring Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair.

How Sightsavers Is Helping People With Trachoma

June 28, 2018

Sightsavers is a United States-based nonprofit that has established as its mission helping people avoid becoming blind due to avoidable causes. They work in very poor areas where they provide treatments for those suffering from cataracts. They also provide treatments for those who have developed tropical diseases that negatively affect the eye such as trachoma and river blindness.

Additionally, the team at Sightsavers educates the general public about the rights that disabled people have. They also offer disabled people services such as helping children with disabilities attend school as well as providing vocational training. In addition to working with people individually they also partner with governments so that people have access to things like clean water so that the odds of getting a tropical disease are lessened. Much of their work takes place in Africa but they are also in rural areas of India and Pakistan.

Caroline Harper is the chief executive officer of Sightsavers. She recently held a TED Talk where she focused on trachoma. Trachoma is an eye disease which results in people losing their sight. When someone develops this disease their eyelid turns inside out and so every time they blink their eyelashes brush their eyeball. This becomes exceedingly painful and left untreated will result in blindness.

During her talk, Caroline Harper told people about the Audacious Project and invited all philanthropists to join in. The goal is to remove all disease from the world so that people live longer, healthier lives. Her organization’s efforts to eliminate trachoma has been one of the ideas highlighted by the Audacious Project.

Trachoma is the #1 cause of infectious blindness. Harper showed people during her TED Talk the dose pole Sightsavers personnel use as well as a pair of tweezers. Volunteers for Sightsavers use the dose pole to see how much medicine they need to give to each person who has trachoma. The tweezers were shown to represent how many people with trachoma pull out all of their eyelashes in order to stop the pain they cause. She also talked about how 190 million people are believed to be at risk of developing trachoma.

Sightsaver’s TED Talk proved to be very popular. TED is a global organization which gives people a way to see free online talks. The slogan of TED is “ideas worth spreading”. Common issues for TED Talks are those in science, technology, design, global issues, entertainment, business, and the arts.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises Lockstep With Bradesco

June 27, 2018

In the world of Brazilian finance, there is no bigger story than the rise from relative obscurity into one of the most powerful financial institutions in the country, the bank known as Grupo Bradesco. Starting as a small one-branch local thrift institution, Bradesco was able to rise from a tiny local concern into a bank with more than 5,000 branches and more than $400 billion under active management. And all of this took less than 40 years to accomplish.

But the story of Bradesco’s rise would be incomplete without mentioning one of the key figures in its ascent from the small time to the international spotlight. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the country’s most famous bankers. As the longtime president of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has led the bag through a period of massive expansion and has help create huge value for shareholders. But it wasn’t always this way.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco first came to work for Bradesco, all the way back in 1969, the bank had little more prestige than Trabuco himself, who at that time was a mere high school graduate without a college degree. When he became a teller at on of the small bank’s branches, his first job ever, it had only a couple of branches throughout the small Sao Paulo town of Marilia.

But throughout the 1970s, Trabuco was able to begin rising through the ranks of the corporation. It was during this time that the bank itself also started rising on the regional stage, expanding to dozens of different branches throughout much of Sao Paulo state. And Luiz Carlos Trabuco himself was behind much of this expansion. Through his vision and leadership, the company was able to successfully expand to other markets, outcompeting many of its erstwhile competitors and delivering top-flight customer service to everyone in its markets.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, Trabuco was able to continue his ascent through the ranks of the institution. At the same time, the institution itself continued to expand throughout Brazil, eventually reaching the point where it was a bona fide national power player. In 2009, Trabuco was appointed to the presidency of the firm. This marked the final step in his ascent from the lowest position at the bank to the highest. And in his role as president, Trabuco was able to finally take Bradesco to the number one position in Brazil, finally surpassing is nearest competitors and becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of Brazilian banking.

Flavio Maluf Talks About Taxes in Brazil

It is widely reported in Brazil by business owners that keeping a financially stable and a financially profitable company can be a challenging job. This is because of the extremely high business taxes companies are required to pay to the government. While this is true, there are some approaches companies can use to help them relax financially when it becomes necessary to file taxes – this relates to the various available to businesses tax incentives available, advises the CEO, business operator, and owner of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf.

There has been a proposal for significant changes in Fiscal Incentive Laws which will give businesses the chance to control a portion of the current amount they pay in taxes each year. These incentives would be focused primarily on the investments that companies make in various projects considered by the new tax rules. The projects may be which may be social, cultural, sporting, technological, scientific research and health programs, for example. By opting for this, companies are able to direct the money to various parts of the community instead of the money being sent directly to the government. The objective for these changes is to ensure that there is economic and social development with in Brazil. Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

It is important to note that companies will still be paying out the same amount of money as they would if they were paying taxes to the government. The money would just be used more strategically and be directed to areas that are in desperate need of cashflow.

Hence, the CEO of the Eucatex companies highlights the primary and most notable benefit provided by the tax incentive is the company develops a positive image in the community related to the specific development plan they have chosen to support. Visit:


Meet Jeff Yastine; the Chief Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing

Currently, the modern world is undergoing a rise in the economic standards. Thus, individuals across the world have no option but to keep up with the harsh economy. Often, investment has been deemed as an escape route to financial freedom. However, we all understand how the field can be ruthless in case one fails to understand the basics.

Thanks to the likes of Jeff Yastine, stock investment has slowly been turned into a field for anyone with a will to see his or her hard earned money grow. Today, Jeff Yastine serves as the Chief Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing, a respected publication. At Banyan, Jeff is tasked the Total Wealth Insider, a duty that he enjoys performing.

Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, and it is right to say that his involvement with the company has been of help. Jeff is among the few individuals with the key to Banyan’s growth in popularity. His top-notch skills and knowledge in the field of finance are one of a kind thus playing a crucial role in pushing the company further ahead. Visit to know more.

Before joining the popular platform, Jeff worked as a financial journalist, an undertaking that he boasts to be behind his extensive skills in researching and delivering content. Over his career, Jeff has dedicated his time to finance and investing, a path that has borne him fruits. Jeff’s portfolio speaks boldly on his behalf. Hence, more often than not, Jeff has had the chance to work in close collaboration with celebrated business people such as Michael Dell and Warren Buffet among many others.

Also, Jeff Yastine has been associated with PBS Business Report where he served as a columnist and a dedicated one. His involvement with the platform was of great significance. His role saw him nominated for more than 15 years for the Emmy, an assurance that he was dedicated in the field.

Today, Jeff takes pride in being involved with Banyan Hill Publishing, an elevated platform. As the chief editorial director, Jeff is provided with an opportunity to share his promising investment opportunities on a daily basis. Besides, the role also gives him the chance to enlighten the readers on stock markets, as well as the economy trends hence assisting in the journey to fight poverty. Jeff’s strategies focus on both the local and international markets thus availing the wide investment options for individuals at every level.

Besides, Jeff is always on the forefront when it comes to giving back to the society. In 2005, the successful investor contributed much to support those affected by the Katrina Hurricane. Also, in 2010, Jeff outwardly provided help after the oil spill. With all said and done, Jeff remains among the few individuals across the globe with a heart to help people in any circumstance. Learn  More:


PSI-Pay- Contactless Payment is the Future of Payment Methods

June 19, 2018

You may have heard of tap and pay, the emerging contactless payment method that allows clients to tap and pay instead of carrying notes and coins around. According to PSI-Pay, this could be the next big thing in the tech world of payment methods. From the perspective of The British Retail Consortium, more than half of the citizens use cards to make their payments. Therefore, the recent partnership announcement made by PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables could be a way forward in making sure that cashless payments increasingly dominate the industry. Like the two companies have agreed, championing the cashless payments method is one way through which clients will be able to access their payment options easily.



Perhaps with this new method of payment, you can now say goodbye to the traditional cashout and pay method of payment as well as having to punch in your PIN number. Moreover, a growing number of stores in the United Kingdom are now adapting to contactless payments as they are not only easy but convenient to use.


The Wave hits the United Kingdom

With that said, the United Kingdom is adopting new payment methods as cards are now overtaking the notes and coins. Besides, for the first time in the face of history, the world is vastly delving into contactless payments thanks to more of such like partnerships made to transition the manner in which the world is functioning. Also known as wave and pay, contactless payment has been in the industry for about ten years. Perhaps it is just taking off right now because of the tremendous use of technological gadgets in the industry.


Taking Over the Traditional Payment Methods

Some of the institutions that have adapted to this payment method include the Church of England where most attendees have jumped into the trend with the hope of advancing their payment methods alongside piloting electronic collection terminals to collect church donations. Perhaps this is the new wave of payment. And PSI-Pay, a company dealing with the development of contactless payment method platforms have just confirmed this.


The Observation

PSI-Pay has all the technology-based payment methods that a normal industry would need. From Mastercard to Visas, the company has been able to scale the heights of contactless payment methods for years.




Ian King: The Effects of Interest Rates on the Economy

Ian King is an individual who has considerable experience in the financial industry. He first began his career by working at the mortgage bond trading department for Salomon Brothers. He later began to work in the credit derivatives market for Citigroup. He has even spent ten years working as the manager for a prominent New York hedge fund. Most recently he was hired on by Banyan Hill Publishing Company to be an expert on cryptocurrency. He was chosen due to his unique combination of expertise in the finance industry as well as cryptocurrencies.

Ian King has recently posted his viewpoints on a potential crash to the US stock market that could occur in the near future due to an increase in the rates from the Federal Reserve. So far the market has not responded to increases in interest rates from the Federal Reserve, but this does not mean that this will go on forever. Read more at Release Fact.

The interest rate from the Federal Reserve is better known as the cost of money. This is the rate that is charged by banks to other banks whenever they are lending money to themselves. These interest rates have the ability to strongly influence the economy because they will directly affect the way that businesses choose to spend their money. Whenever interest rates are higher both consumers and businesses are more likely to save money and make fewer purchases which can lead to economic stagnation.

In the past, the Federal Reserve has reduced the interest rate whenever they were seeking to stimulate the American economy. For the most part, each time the Federal Reserve has lowered the interest rate there has been a rebound in the performance of the stock market.

Ian King states that in 2003 there was a decision by the Federal Reserve to not increase rates due to fears of lowering the value of the stock market. This led to a proliferation of easy money which in turn eventually led to the bubble in the housing market that burst in 2007.

After the crash in 2007, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to 0%. This led to a period of what is known as quantitative easing. Investors were encouraged to begin taking greater risks by moving away from bonds and into the stock market. Today this trend is beginning to reverse. Ian King believes that the bond market is now beginning to look like a better place to put your money.



Where to Find Freedom Checks and Other Types of MLPs

It is very likely by now that the majority of people have heard about Freedom Checks. While some people have written them off as something that they don’t want to be involved in, there are those that are interested in finding out more about them. One thing that they want to know is where they can get these Freedom Checks. Fortunately for them, they do not have to find some special area where MLPs are sold. They just have to look in the usual places where they make money. The best things about them is that people who know what to look for will easily find them. Check at to know more.

The best place to find Freedom Checks is in the stock market. As a matter of fact, these types of assets are traded publicly. Another good thing to look at when it comes to these types of assets is that they are exempt from taxes for people who have actually profited from them. This is yet another reason to invest in Freedom Checks. Another advantage that is worth looking into with these assets is that they are based on income. They offer people some money for holding on to them.

Investing in Freedom Checks is a lot like buying stocks with dividends. This asset pays out in a quarterly fashion. Therefore, people do not have to wait until the asset they have invested in gets to a high enough price to make money from it. One good thing about this type of MLP is that it is another way to make money. One thing that people need when it comes to finances is options. Without the right types of options, some people are not going to be able to make money. With more solutions and opportunities coming out, people are finding something that works for them.

Learn more:


Taking a Look at Nick Vertucci’s New Book

June 16, 2018

Nick Vertucci came from a humble background and after losing his father when he was 10 years old, he had a great impact in his life. After he was 18 years, he spent his life living in his car and he didn’t lose focus in the life. That is when he started a company of selling computers spare parts. It is by the experience that he started recognizing the entrepreneurial freedom both in money and time. Through the discipline and hard work, it made Nick Vertucci stop camping in his van because he was earning a seven-figure. He married and then blessed with three daughters and after that, his life expanded.

Nick Vertucci founded NVREA in Orange County in 2014, California basing the idea that wealth is waiting. In his academy, he has been helping the students achieve their dreams in the real estate investment. He offers classes that teach the students on the way to succeed where he provides education on; commercial investments, asset protection, rehabbing and flipping of properties, wholesale and the flipping contracts and many more. He has broken the transactions into different simples steps which are “Get in”, then “Get out,” and lastly “get paid.” It is a concept that will help in finding the best deals, get them and then get your fortune.

Nick Vertucci recently released a book, which guides and mentors the seven-figure decision. He has shared his personal life challenges in the book where he explains with details on the principles that are related to real estate investment. He has also accounted on how these principles he talks about has been his guide after applying and gained entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. He has been able to explain that you will not be able to strike to richness if you play safe. He describes the fundamental decisions that you can go from being in middle class and become a millionaire.

In Nick Vertucci book, “Seven Figure Decisions” or having balls so that you can succeed, he has defined the most important aspects that brought his success and being able to identify specific lessons that he learned and how he changed the past mistakes. He covered some of the mistakes in the book which included: how you can push the fears from your past and be able to alter your mindset so that you can pursue your dreams, how you can raise your sights high and how they can even drastically change the professional outcome and why it is important for you to come from place of service after attending to your clients than self-service place and by doing so, how it will help you achieve your seven-figure dream.

How Lacey and Larkin Are Breaking the Cycle of Anarchy

June 12, 2018

Have you ever heard the story of Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey, and Jim Arpaio and how the three met? Well, it is an interesting story, only that Larkin and Lacey are the heroes and Arpaio the devil incarnate. Joe, who turned out to lead Maricopa County sheriff’s department for twenty-four hours, is the worst of them all.

As the story goes, Joe joined the county with guns blazing. While campaigning, Joe had insisted on transforming Maricopa for the better but little did the residents of the county know that Arpaio’s plan was to target Latinos and immigrants all along. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Sections of the public had time and again opposed Joe’s uncouth behavior and even dictated his terms of operation. Unfortunately, Joe Arpaio never took any of the allegations lodged against him lightly and so he took to the corridors of justice for legal protection.

The pressure kept piling on Arpaio and his department and it is in 2007 that the county boss did the unthinkable. Joe sent his officers to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey on one dark night because they had disclosed some vital information on an on-going jury inquiry. It is only later that it got discovered that Lacey and Larking who are journalists have uncovered some truths about Arpaio.

Recall, the arrest of Jim and Michael was unlawful and so they had to take the county to the task. Years went by without any success but 2013 came the breakthrough. The court had ruled in the duo’s favor and even granted them a settlement amounting to over three and a half million dollars.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came shortly after and has gotten used by Jim and Michael to support other organizations fighting for the rights of immigrants in Arizona. Jim and Michael’s organization has become a beacon of hope to people and communities that felt left out for decades.

Michael and Jim, through the Frontera Fund, have been doing anything and everything to ensure that individuals like Joe Arpaio have their day in court. Indeed, their efforts are paying off as Arpaio, before his presidential pardon, was a resident of the prison’s system. Therefore, there is some truth in the notion that justice delayed is not justice denied.

President Trump, after releasing Joe has caused a significant stir in Arizona, but the likes of Lacey and Larkin remain unshaken. The duo is back to what it does best, active journalism.

These two individuals not only want to restore sanity to the many institutions in Arizona but also want to prove to the world that anarchy is easy to conquer provided that there is a lot of unity and a level of commitment to the same. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Jim and Lacey met in 1972 and since then the two parties have forged a partnership that is not easy to break. The team of Lacey and Larkin has always believed in the freedom of speech and expression and that is why they are using their new website to advocate for the same. Therefore, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are men extraordinaire.