Imran Haque, A Top North Carolinian Doctor, Recently Did an Interview

November 15, 2017

Imran Haque is one of the leading practicing internists in the central region of North Carolina, though he particularly practices in Asheboro and Ramseur, holding slightly more than 25,000 and 5,000 inhabitants, respectively. In both of those cities, Dr. Haque owns and operates Horizon Internal Medicine, family practice clinics that he also works at. However, because he splits his time each and every working week between seven clinics and hospitals, he often doesn’t have time to work at each Horizon Internal Medicine location each and every day.

Dr. Haque works at the following five hospitals, in addition to Horizon Internal Medicine in Ramseur and Asheboro:

  • Lexington Memorial Hospital
  • First Health Montgomery Memorial Hospital
  • Southeastern Regional Medical Center
  • Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
  • Randolph Hospital

All of these locations are found near or inside Asheboro, the city that Dr. Imran Haque resides in with his family.

Just a few weeks ago, earlier this October of 2017, Dr. Imran Haque was part of an interview that covered some of his business practices, a few things he owes to his success, and more, most of which even his closest patients didn’t know – and Dr. Haque has a ton of patients.

Dr. Imran Haque has noted that medical doctors need to have a good balance of generosity to mankind and taking people’s words with a grain of salt. Doing so can help prevent people taking advantage of doctors, as it’s happened to every doctor on the planet at least once.

The popular doctor feels that it is highly important to treat all people the same in practice, whether they are similar to the practitioner, wildly different, or somewhere in between. This sentiment holds true even if patients are rude, short, and disgruntled because they are not feeling well.

Being able to do multiple tasks at once has helped Dr. Haque in his entrepreneurial and medical endeavors time and time again. It’s difficult to keep up with the many demands of patients, coworkers, and other things in the medical field, so multitasking is key, per Haque himself.

Sujit Choudhry- Restoring constitutional order through constitution designs

November 15, 2017

Sujit Choudhry is a highly esteemed professor of comparative constitutional law. He currently teaches law at the University of California Berkeley as well as at the I. Michael Heyman. He is the first dean of law at the university from the Indian-American community. Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 and remains one of the best legal minds in the world today. He attained his masters from Harvard’s School of Law. Sujit Choudhry left the University of McGill where he was undertaking biological studies to follow his passion in law. He joined the University of Oxford where he gained his bachelors in law degree. Refer to for related article.

His deep knowledge of the comparative constitutional law has seen him earn respect from all over. His partners in the legal field know that he is an authority on matters of the constitution and political crisis resolution.   Follow and read his blogs, check on his page.

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized for his role in constitution-making in various countries. He has been hired in a number of countries to give advice on the constitution-making process. Some of the countries that he has helped build a constitutional order are South Africa, Libya, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Nepal, and others. His experience is admired by many in the legal fraternity.    Related article on

Sujit Choudhry heads another important organization known as the Center on Constitutional Transitions. This is a body that is comprised of constitutional and political experts from more than 25 countries who have come together to address the issue of politics and constitution that affect various nations. Sujit Choudhry also does a lot in terms of research. He heads there global research teams that deal with Constitutional Transitions, Security Sector Reforms, and Territorial Cleavages. Most of the issues that Choudhry address in his research work are the issues of constitutional design. His aim is to come up with constitution design mechanisms that will ensure there is a peaceful transition into constitutional order. Read his views and insights on questions asked of him in this note-worthy article here.

Most of his works are published in articles, books, journals, and reports.  More of his published works on

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Kerrisdale Capital Management CEO Sahm Adrangi Is On The Rise

November 11, 2017

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Executive Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Adrangi attended Yale University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Adrangi uses publishing research to explain Kerrisdale Capital’s views on stocks. Adrangi finds out information about the business prospects of different companies. Adrangi initially became known for revealing the fraud taking place in Lihua International and China Marine Food Group, among others. Adrangi has looked at the valuations of Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver, among others. Adrangi has also given his take on Globalstar, Dish Network, and Straight Path Communications.

In recent times, Adrangi has emphasized the biotechnology sector. Kerrisdale Capital has looked into companies such as Zafgen and Bavarian Nordic. Adrangi has also been paying attention to the mining and telecommunication sectors. Adrangi started his career in finance, working for Deutsche Bank. Adrangi has also worked for Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Management. Adrangi has taken a leadership role during business dealings with Lindsay Corporation Management and Morgans Hotel Group. Adrangi has been a guest speaker at a number of high profile events; including the Sohn Conference, Activist Investor Conference, and Distressed Debt Investing Conference. Adrangi has been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, among others.

Recently, Adrangi made headlines when it was revealed that Kerrisdale Capital Management raised millions of dollars from investors simply through betting against one stock. Analysts consider the Kerrisdale fund to be innovative and unique. Kerrisdale is planning on using the funds to short stock a new company. The next step for Adrangi is to develop a thesis that will be supplemented by data. Kerrisdale has started buying stock in the new company.

Kerrisdale Capital has established a reputation of betting against companies and making the efforts public. Kerrisdale has raised over a half a billion dollars.

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Jeff Yastine’s Journey to Career Success

November 10, 2017

Jeff Yastine is Total Wealth Insider’s editor. 2015 saw Mr. Yastine join Banyan Hill Publishing to become its editorial director. He has spent more than twenty years reporting on global finance and big investing.


Yastine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in electronic journalism. The training he got from the University of Florida has served him well, raising him to the pinnacle of journalistic and management success.

His Career at Public Broadcasting Service

Yastine landed his first job at PBS in 1993. He worked as a senior correspondent for the next 17 years. He combined interesting business stories with the most effective visuals for the benefit of his audience. He reported on BP oil spills, Cuba’s attempt at privatization, and Hurricane Katrina.

He met and interviewed people like Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, and Sir Richard Branson. Yastine learned invaluable investing lessons from them.

His Stay at Oxford Club LLC

He left PBS, also known as Nightly Business Report, to work for Oxford Club LLC in early 2011. He was responsible for the company’s financial newsletters. Yastine also served as a consultant in the Club’s financial seminars and marketing projects.

His Newsmax Media Career

Yastine ended his career at Oxford Club LLC to become Newsmax Media’s financial newsletters director in 2013. He worked with them for two years.

As Banyan Hill Publishing’s Editorial Director

As Banyan’s editorial director, he highlights profitable economic opportunities for his audience. He expertly breaks down the complex into the easy-to-understand. Investing and finance are not the simplest of subjects after all.

Achievements and Awards

He has identified great investment opportunities. He has spotted winning small-cap growth stocks. He has noted re-organized companies poised for tremendous growth. Yastine saw the approaching mid-2000s real estate crisis and warned his readers. He was among the first to point out that the rising bubble would soon burst. He also covered the historic Panama Canal handover in 1999. Moreover, he has reported on key national events such as the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

He was a nominee for a Business Emmy Award in 2007. Together with other NBR reporters, he won in 2002 an award for excellent financial journalism. His team had been reporting on the U.S. bond market.

Jeff Yastine does more than journalism. He is an authority on business and investing. His readers profit massively from his accurate information delivered at the right time. His has been a remarkable career.

The Quincy: Location, Amenities And In The News

November 6, 2017

The Quincy is a luxury apartment complex located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. For those who want to learn more about this apartment complex, read the rest of this article. It will discuss its location, floor plans, amenities and more.



The Quincy is located in Downtown New Brunswick. It’s not too far from Amtrak NJ Transit, as well as Route 18. It’s also near a number of lounges, bars and dining options, as well as various retail stores. There’s a number of parks and walking paths in the area too. Generally speaking, The Quincy is located in a safe neighborhood, but there has been some issues in the past, which will be discussed a bit later.


Floor Plans & Amenities

At The Quincy, studio apartments, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are available to rent. There are three studio floor plans, six one-bedroom floor plans and four two-bedroom floor plans.


Building amenities include a 24 hour on-call emergency maintenance, a pool lounge, bike storage room and direct access parking garage. There’s also a pet spa and dog park onsite, as well as a media and entertainment room and a fitness center. Apartment amenities includes upgraded fixtures, premium views, quartz counter-tops and stainless appliances, as well as a washer/dryer machine.


Bear in mind these are only a few of the building and apartment amenities you’ll find at The Quincy.


In The News

The Quincy made it on the news on October 7, 2015. A shooting took place there and one person was left injured. Apparently,3-4 shots rang out in the early evening hours.


A robbery took place there in Spring of 2013 . A pizza delivery man went to the complex to deliver a pizza, but was told nobody ordered anything. When the delivery driver went back to his vehicle, he was approached by three men, who told him the pizza was for them. However, they pulled a gun on the driver and demanded money before running off.


For additional information, you can visit The Quincy’s website. There you will find useful information, including an online application if you’re interested in renting an apartment there.

A Comprehensive Understanding of the Objectives of the Larkin &Lacey Frontera Fund and the American Immigration Council

November 6, 2017

For a long time, the United States has been at the forefront in championing for migrant, human and civil rights. This incredible endeavor and service to humanity are owed to the numerous organizations that have emerged in the country over the years.

One such body is the American Immigration Council, which is devoted towards honoring the country’s immigrant past while shaping her immigrant future. The organization is committed to forming a 21st-century vision of the American Immigrant experience through communication, litigation, research, and policy analysis.

Functions of the American Immigration Council

  • Educating the Public

The American Immigration Council uses facts to educate the American public regarding the primary and lasting contributions that immigrant groups make to the USA. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

In fact, through analysis and research, the council facilitates the development of rational and fair immigration policies that display critical American values.

  • Court Process

The council utilizes the courts to stand up for immigrants’ rights and demand for a fair judicial process. In this case, it strives to attain fairness and justice for immigrants under the American Law.

The American Immigration Council has earned a name for itself when it comes to delivering groundbreaking litigations that hold the American government accountable for unlawful implementation, restrictive interpretations and conduct of the law.

  • Cultural Exchange

Through cultural exchange, the organization connects American enterprises with the international market of both ideas and innovation. It finances trainees and interns for programs that secure the cultural richness and prosperity of an internationally engaged society.

In this case, the council’s professionals offer direct training and support to host attorneys, communities, and participants involved in the Exchange Visitor Program.

A Detailed Look at the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Frontera Fund is dedicated towards supporting groups that champion for migrant, civil and human rights. Additionally, it advocates civic participation rights and the freedom of speech all over Arizona.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, are the individuals behind the inception of the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

To start the Larkin &Lacey Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin put in their $3.75 million settlement resulting from their arrest by Sherriff Joe Arpaio on October 18, 2007.

The Maricopa County sheriff arrested both renowned journalists at their homes late in the night. In addition, they were jailed after unveiling the existence of proceedings by the grand jury that sought their notes/records on articles about the Maricopa County sheriff.

The grand jury orders also demanded to know the identity of all citizens who read stories regarding the sheriff online via New Times. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sought justice by suing the Maricopa County, which led to the settlement.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz, Enjoys Giving Back

November 3, 2017

Gregory James Aziz certainly had success on his mind as he led National Steel Car to become the premier railroad freight and tank car manufacturer in North America. Just as important, Greg Aziz knows the value of the people who work for the company and the community in which they thrive.

Greg Aziz worked hard in his family’s business for years before purchasing National Steel Car in 1994. The sense of pride he felt knowing that his family was helping to employ so many people throughout the world stayed with Greg when he acquired the railroad freight and tank car manufacturing business.


With an already long history behind the company, Greg Aziz knew that structuring the company into an even more diverse, advanced, and values-driven force would benefit its workforce and community in Hamilton, Ontario. Soon the company had grown from around 600 to almost 3,000 employees in the first five years of buying the business.

Greg James Aziz soon began exploring numerous ways to give back to Hamilton. Through National Steel Car, Greg has sponsored Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army and many other local charities. He has encouraged the employees of the company to spend time giving back to Hamilton during the Christmas season in National Steel Car’s significant food drive for local food banks.


Remembering his time with his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, Greg and his wife Irene are personal sponsors of Canada’s world-famous agricultural fair. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The fair is the is the home to the largest united indoor agricultural fair and international equestrian competition in the world. Hundreds of thousands of attendees from all over come to the fair to sample local foods, compete, and have a fun time with friends and family.


Already a success, National Steel Car and Greg James Aziz plan to keep moving forward with the community in mind. Greg knows that with a strong and proud community backing National Steel Car, the company and its employees will know no bounds of success as they progress into the future together.

See This Article for related information.

The Success of Gregory Aziz

Gregory Aziz is the current chief executive officer of national steel car company. He is also acting as the chairman of the board of directors. National Steel Car Company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It is among the leading companies that manufacture railroad freight cars. Gregory Aziz attended the University of Ontario and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Immediately after graduation in 1971, he got a job at Affiliated Food, a company that was established and operated by his family. Under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, the company grew strong, and in 1987 it had become among the global importers of fresh foods from the United States and Canada. The firm exported its products to Central America, South America, and Europe.


In 1980s, Gregory J Aziz decided to move to New York in search of opportunities in the investment sector. In 1994, he acquired National Steel car from Dofasco. He started working towards fulfilling his dream of building a leading manufacturer of rail freight cars. Greg Aziz was very determined to serves the whole of North America. Since then, he has led National Steel Car by developing an excellent team with qualified engineering capabilities.

When James Aziz bought the company, it had only 600 employees, but Greg Aziz employed more than 2 400 employees for a short time. The annual production of freight car also increases from 3 500 to 12 000. The unique and unparalleled creativity, manufacturing expertise and engineering capabilities of the company enables its vehicles to be voted as the best in the whole of North America for 18 years consecutively. See This Page for More Info.


Gregory J Aziz is also committed to giving back to the society. He takes parts in several donations to various charitable organizations in Hamilton region. Organizations that have benefited from National Steel Car Company are Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, United way and much more. National Steel Car also organized annual Christmas party for both current and former employees. The employees of this firm also take part in various food drives that aid the local food banks. Greg Aziz has become a successful business person in Ontario because of his expertise, service, visions, and business administration and above all excellent relationship with his employees.