The Role Sujit Choudhry Has Played In Enhancing Political Democracy

There are several renowned international scholars in various fields including in constitutional law and politics. The comparative issues that these scholars address and research on are of a wide spectrum. Most people have arguably affirmed that constitutional law and politics is a giant field only fit for the smart mind and courageous hearts. This is what Sujit Choudhry decided to become.

He focused on using the constitution as a tool in transiting violent conflict into democratic politics that are peaceful (  According to Sujit, the constitutional design has several divisions of societies which include minority and groups rights, official language policy, bill of rights, federalism, transitional justice, semi-presidentialism, constitutional courts and secession, and decentralization.

Sujit is one renowned author when it comes to the constitutional law matters in Canada. Constitutional Democracies in Crisis is his book chapter that was recently published. The former U.S Attorney General, Eric Holder, triggered Sujit to write this book through his tweet, which Sujit found undesirable. Eric has suggested that peaceful demonstrations ensue and this would have resulted in something that hurts peace. Sujit noted that this would have compromised the democracy that America had enjoyed for a long time. He also notes that a presidential term limit of up to two terms was appropriate. He said this would keep off those who would wish to hold on power for a longer time subjecting the country into a state of emergency.

In most cases, you will find Sujit on the ground with his boots on. In 2003, Sri Lanka had an ethnic conflict and Sujit was one of the foreign constitutional experts who went there to develop a federalist solution. He also went to Nepal in the year 2007 and 2010 just to ensure the constitutional negotiations were highly enhanced. Sujit leaves the Law Faculty at the Toronto University to teach comparative constitutional law at the University of New York ( Sujit is known to have changed the political landscape in South Africa and Eastern Europe in the late 1990s and this is the time he started writing books on constitutional law. Although Sujit was raised up in Toronto, he was born in Delhi. His parents were Indian immigrants. Nanda, his father was a lecturer at Toronto University where he taught economics making his home a grooming zone for scholars. For a related article, check on

Connect:  LinkedIn.


Alexandre Gama A Self-Made Man

April 16, 2018

As one of his country’s greatest creative minds in the last 40 years, Alexandre Gama has plenty to be proud of. He is the most decorated Brazilian copywriter of his generation, a successful entrepreneur, and an award-winning advertising executive. He single-handedly built his company, Neogama, from scratch. He founded Neogama in 1999 and within 2 years it was already being recognized around the world for its work. Since its founding Neogama has been awarded with 23 Golden Lion Awards at the Cannes Film Festival, become one of Brazil’s top agencies, and worked with companies all over the globe.

To say that Gama is a safe made man would be an understatement. He worked his way through college at the prestigious Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He then started at the bottom of the industry as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather post-graduation. He worked in the industry for nearly 20 years before founding Neogama.

Matt Badiali- Natural Resources Investor.

Matt Badiali- Natural Resources Investor.

Matt Badiali is a specialist in the industries of energy, agriculture and mining. He invests in Mining to make enormous profits in natural assets. Matt is a former Geology lecturer at the University of North Carolina. He is the founder of Real Wealth Strategist Company. Matt Badiali boast bachelor’s in Earth Science from Penn University. Matt Badiali later proceeded to pursue his Master degree in geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt also enrolled at the University of North Carolina for a PhD and spent five years before he was introduced to the business by his buddy.

Matt worked with his friend in the finance department to come up with investment crafts and advice that appealed to any typical American. Matt developed the interest of helping other investors and businesspeople make great investment deals in metals, natural resources and energy. Follow Matt on

Matt Badiali went on to launching his newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist with the renowned Banyan Hill. Real Wealth Strategist offers help to various investors and readers as it created a network of loyalists who genuinely like Matt’s natural resource stock pieces of advice. Matt Badiali is a go-get kind of an investor. He travels to different places and countries around the globe to create networks and venture into new areas for investment. Badiali has a character of going to find experts whenever he wants to share with them. Matt Badiali has been to different places such as Haiti, Iraq, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Peru.

Matt Badiali has also been to several mining centres, company headquarters and oil projects centres to collect new methods and ideas of investment.

In his interview, Matt Badiali revealed that he used some unique skill sets to come up with a newsletter about natural resource business. He admitted that Natural resources are hugely hypothetical and recurring. He also noted that one has to understand markets, science, companies and finance before putting it down on a newsletter. According to him, this understanding is very vital to investors who wish to invest in the natural resources field fully.

Matt Badiali utilizes his experience and education to make his ideas practical. In his writings, Matt Badiali likes drawing his points on his actual skills, and by so doing, the articles appear so real to the readers. The times that he wishes to document on any new idea, Matt has to travel to places where they are found to experience it first. Matt focuses on one specific thing at a time to avoid overlapping concepts. Visit:


National Steel Car Lives On 100 Years Down The Line; Thanks To Gregory James Aziz

Mr. Gregory James Aziz must have boarded one of those wagons that were made by National Steel Car, way back in Ontario in the 1940s and 50s and 60s. If he did, he must have loved the ride and the railroad car that he rode in. Mr. Gregory J Aziz is now a highly respected corporate leader. He is the current CEO and President of National Steel Car. NSC is dreams come true for the crowned CEO that has no soft spot for shoddy work. He conceived the idea of starting a railroad car building company when he was still a child. He held on to his dream until he reached the city of New York. Gregory James Aziz, bought National Steel Car from Dofasco when he had just made a name in the merchant banking sector in New York



About National Steel Car


1The company was started way back in 1912. It was called by a different name then. The imperial leadership commissioned the birth of the Imperial Car Company. The company thrived in North America for many years. It evolved many times too. The Ontario based rail car manufacturing firm was later owned by Dofasco. It built a name for itself as Canada’s giant rail tank manufacturing company before the troubles of recession caught up with it. Dofasco reached the point that it found appropriate to dispose of the company. It was a chance for its current President and CEO to show his entrepreneurial prowess.



Brief Background about Gregory James Aziz


Mr. Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario Canada in the 1940s. He grew up in the populous Canadian City and took his studies at the University of Western Ontario. James Aziz studied economics and soon graduated to join his father’s business. He worked in the family’s food processing firm for a while before he moved on and started looking for his destiny. Mr. Gregory J Aziz worked for several other companies before he decided to travel to New York and play in the big league. He found a job in the banking industry. He soon focused on merchant banking. It has been reported that he raised the capital that he used to by National Steel Car from Dofasco from his activities in merchant banking. Click Here for more information.



Greg Aziz in the Element


Having achieved his childhood dream of starting a railroad company, he embarked on a program to revamp the organization. He managed to increase production from 3000 cars per year to 12 000 rail tanks in less than 5 years. NSC has also helped many people earn a livelihood to support families. Its number of employees also increased tremendously from what it originally employed.



Jeremy Goldstein: The Importance of Picking the Right Compensation Method

April 12, 2018

Compensation is something people don’t really understand when it comes to simple work days. Compensation is more something people think about after someone’s wronged them and they want restitution. Restitution and compensation is not the same thing, but people don’t always know that.

A more accurate understanding of compensation would be to think about stock options at a company. That’s how people used to understand what compensation was. Now, stock options are on the brink of being phased out of the corporate world and replaced with lesser compensation methods. Most companies are phasing out stock options because of fear.

They won’t admit it openly, but they’re scared of losing too much money. Most of them say it’s not about money; it’s about something else, but it’s about money. Things in the business world are always about money and getting rid of stock options is no different.

Companies want to find a cheaper way to give their employees benefits. The main problem with stock options is that they take too long to figure out and time is money. Other compensation methods are easier and employees prefer them to stock options anyway.

Every company has the right to choose their own compensation method, but Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t like so many companies making this decision because they’re scared. He would prefer that they talk with their accountant and choose the right strategy instead of acting too quickly. There are so many types of stocks that people don’t know about.

In Jeremy Goldstein’s opinion, the best stock to use is a “knockout” option. Knockout options come with all the advantages of their counterpart with none of the disadvantages. Knockout options allow companies to cancel the option if the stock value has been low for a certain number of days, at least one week.

Jeremy Goldstein knows what he’s talking about when he recommends knockout options. He has more than 15 years of executive compensation experience. After working a similar firm, he founded his own law firm in New York. Learn more:

Now, Jeremy Goldstein’s is everyone’s favorite business lawyer. Hundreds of companies and CEOs come to him and his firm to discuss employee benefits. No one is a more trusted advisor on these types of matters.

More Than a Success Story, Innovator and Go-getter Lori Senecal

April 10, 2018

Meet triumphant Lori Senecal, the Global Chief Executive Officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She says that she ascribes her success to her early life, her siblings were successful, something that motivated her to pursue success and achieve goals in her own life. After completing her studies, she went to seek employment, leaving the companies she worked for at a better position than she found them. Her life is merely a success story.

Lori is well-versed in multinational account expertise, and she is quite experienced in data analytics. Among the famous brands she has worked with include Nestle, Xbox, Sprint, and InBev. According to, at one point in her career, she was the Global Accountant Director at Coca-Cola. Also for three years, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. She worked for McCann Worldgroup at various positions, and she climbed up the corporate ladder to become the company’s Accountant Management Director and the Executive Vice President.

Lori Senecal has been on the receiving end of many awards and honors. She was awarded a Quantum Leap Award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards, she was named woman to watch in the advertising industry, and she was nominated by Fast Company as the Most Creative People in Business in 2017.

Lori Senecal’s incredible leadership skills got KBS+ listed among the best places one could work in within New York. In 2016, her name was on the list of only four Agency Executives to Watch. Other than leadership, Lori is talented in integrated marketing, advertising, and she is also a digital strategist. She mentors young business-oriented people.

She attended the McGill University where she earned a bachelor of commerce in marketing and finance. Lori believes that the major trends in digital advertising will aim at developing outstanding yet unique images and videos that are unlike those in the advertising industry. Digital marketers should take into consideration adverts that target for the audience’s heart, use real people, are surprising and delightful, use intense colors, and show powerful women among other trends.

Daniel Taub Says That Israel Will Partner With Gulf States

April 4, 2018

Is Israel safe from Iran? The former ambassador of Israel to the UK, Daniel Taub, said that Iran can still make a bomb as a result of the Geneva deal. He said that it is likely that we will see Israel making alliances with countries in the Middle East that it formerly had no peaceful relations with in order to counter the Shia alliance that Iran is setting up. The other countries will want to band together to counter that alliance, and Israel will be their ally in that regard, as they all have a common enemy.

Daniel Taub was very clear about the Geneva deal. He said that it doesn’t do enough to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb. Therefore, Israel may see that making alliances with other countries in the Middle East is necessary. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Those other countries, which traditionally did not want to have anything to do with Israel, may decide that it is in their best interests to make a deal with Israel as well.

This is something that would not have been thinkable just a short time before. Nobody would have thought a few years ago that Israel can be making an alliance with Saudi Arabia or other Gulf states. Traditionally, they have been hostile to Israel.

However, these countries know one thing, and that is that Iran poses a threat to them that Israel does not. Therefore, they will choose to partner with Israel to counter the force of Iran. Of course, Israel is continuing to put pressure on the Americans and other countries to fix the deal and stop Iran from making a nuclear bomb. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel Taub said that we can see that there is an axis of evil that is being formed in the Middle East. This axis is running from Tehran to Syria to Gaza. Other countries in the region are taking notice of this.

They are realizing that although they have some differences with Israel, it is in their best interests to partner with Israel to overcome all the other challenges that they face together from Iran and the axis of evil.

Daniel Taub was a celebrated ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. He was a speechwriter for Israeli President Chaim Herzog. He is also a scriptwriter for a popular Israeli film. He has written articles for many publications.

Who is Sujit Choudhry

In looking at the article about Choudhry on ReleaseFact, we can see that he is an expert in politics and comparative constitutional law. The article goes on to talk of how Choudhry’s expertise also include managing the transition from turmoil to peaceful democratic politics, as well as things such as the creation of a constitution in ethnically divided societies, the transfer of authority from central to local government, formally withdrawing from a federation, federal governmental structure, and official language policy.

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, prior to this he served as the dean of the school, as well as the professor of law at New York University. Before his work with at U.C. Berkeley, Choudhry participated in philanthropy, he held an academic chair position at the University of Toronto. In his knowledge concerning comparative constitutional law he is a renowned and respected figure, due to his background and schooling in law. When speaking, he combines a variety of research points with field experience to advise constitution building processes. Due to this diversification of research his word maintains a high validity. Choudhry has done constitution building in countries including Egypt, Libya, Jordan, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Ukraine. In looking at Choudhry’s schooling experience we can see that he earned a BA in law from the University of Oxford. In addition to this he received a B.S. from McGill University, and attended the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. To top it all off Choudhry received a Master of Law from Harvard Law School. While he was at Harvard, Choudhry was a Rhodes Scholar (

Currently, Choudhry is also the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, a company specialized in generating knowledge in support of constitution building through research which has a focused purpose. The Center for Constitutional Transitions was founded in 2012. In addition to his impressive list of accolades, professor Sujit Choudhry is also considered a world-renowned scholar. He has written generally on Canadian constitutional law. Choudhry has recently also published a book chapter which is planned for release in a newsletter. In addition to this he has a published book in partnership between Tom Ginsburg called Constitution Making.

Learn more about the company at

Keep up with Sujit, follow him on Twitter.

Sujit Choudhry and Why His Solutions Should Make Us Hopeful

We should understand that the world we live in today is getting more complicated, and less stable. With more centralization and less accountability of people who make decisions for us, it’s hard to be hopeful of what can happen to us in the future.

One of the passionate and driven people these days that have the hope, skills and almost prophetic abilities to make sure that a country runs smoothly is Sujit Choudhry. His expertise in Constitutional Law and International Law have now been highly effective in making sure that the world we live in could be less fragile and more robust to the fluctuations of the modern market.

The Abrasive Political System

What’s making the career of Atty. Sujit Choudhry volatile and challenging these days is the leadership that he holds over the Constitutional Transitions. This committee is responsible for enacting policies, political changes, social laws, and jurisprudence just to make sure that the governments today reach the kind of stability they need. It is also the aim of the non-profit group to achieve the goals it wants at the quickest time possible.

Asked for his opinion about the necessity of good policies and constitutional structures, he responded that no successful government today would be able to get the right traction and successful goals if they would not be able to fix their constitutions first.

About Sujit Choudhry

Being the lawyer behind Center for Constitutional Transitions, Mr. Sujit Choudhry is known to be the man who is able to fix nations’ constitutional problems. With his network with over 50 think tank experts, academics, risk managers, entrepreneurs and multilateral organizations, the ideas that these people offer usually become the kind of structure that form the future of a country. Without these structures and policies that are monitored by Mr. Sujit, it would be hard to imagine how a constitution of a nation would be built without trial and error (  .

Some of the countries where the expertise of Sujit Choudhry was used are Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Nepal. Egypt, Jordan, and Libya have also been using the expert knowledge of Mr. Sujit to build their country starting from their constitution.

Keep up with Choudhry at LinkedIn.

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Ted Bauman & Banyan Hill Publishing

April 1, 2018

The Career Highlights & Background of Ted Bauman

All in all, there is no denying the challenges and difficulties that the business and investment industry brings with it. Not to mention, this industry also takes out lots of time, money, and sacrifice out of an individual on their way to success. This is one of the many reasons many professionals seek other industries as opposed to this one. Worth mentioning, the business and investing industry have also proven to be one of the most lucrative and profitable fields to work in. For this reason alone is why many professionals who are in this field, if they stick around long enough, find tremendous success in their careers. In addition, while there have been many successful individuals that have come out of this industry, perhaps none have been as hard-working and as impactful as Ted Bauman. As for Ted Bauman, his career resume does most of the talking for him. As a prominent businessman, Ted Bauman has accomplished so much more in his career than he is given credit for. Considering the years of experience under his belt, it is easy to see why he has accomplished so much as a professional. Having said that, there are still many more factors that contribute to Ted Bauman’s overall success as a professional. So, to get a better sense of how he has reached the level os status he has today here is more on Ted Bauman and his role at Banyan Hill Company. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates.

More on Ted Bauman & His Position At Banyan Hill Company

As alluded to before, Ted Bauman has shown to be a true professional by diversifying his career portfolio. In fact, his unique career highlights have been the biggest factor that has helped him succeed at Banyan Hill Company. As for Banyan Hill Publishing, which is one of the nations most safe and secure companies for investing and financing, has benefited tremendously from Ted Bauman’s valued efforts. As leading editor and leading executive t the company, Ted Bauman and his leadership qualities have earned him a reputation as a highly-regarded professional. This speaks volumes on his effectiveness and overall greatness in his field. Overall, Ted Bauman is more than deserving of all the recognition he has received in his career. Considering the amount of success he has had, there is no doubt he will continue to succeed as a professional. Read: