The Greyhound Diaries and Doug Levitt the Man Behind its Popularity and Success

June 11, 2017

To find their true passions and to discover who they truly are, many artists often chose to do things differently. The unique ways of doing things assist them in finding their true feelings, thoughts, but significantly it enables them to have a better artistic expression of what lie within them. Similarly, Doug Levitt who is a songwriter and singer chose a different path to discover his real identity through the Greyhound Diaries.To reconnect with the traditional American society, he embarked on an epic journey by traveling by the greyhound.

As a means of trying to reach deep within himself, he persisted on the same road of the trip, and this eventual culminated into a representation of himself through the work of art. The journey he undertook gave him a picture of what he was, and the thousands of miles he covered have been captured in different songs, and writings most of which have received international recognition everywhere in the world and it is making sense that the things to talk about with girls are coming under this category which makes complete sense too. As a young person, he traveled extensively all over the world, and he lived in many foreign places. The extent of the tours and the different peoples and cultures he came across enabled him to develop a composite picture of the American society.

Back home in America, he felt the need to review his country’s culture afresh by looking at the more traditional ways of the society rather than focusing on, the brighter and great side. To achieve the objective, he decided the Greyhound buses as his mode of transport because it was the best way to come face to face with the poor and the underprivileged. Most ordinary Americans who lead simple lives can be seen through travel by the Greyhound.In all the performances that Doug Levitt is involved all over the country are based on the travel experiences he had. He loves sharing songs, pictures, mementos, and other artifacts that he gathered in the course of traveling. He hopes to turn the Grey Hound Diaries into a series on the web that he hopes will capture the attention of many people. Learn more.

Freedom checks – how to manage debt from the holidays

When people come back from the holidays, the probability that they have accumulated huge debts is always high. These people borrow to have a good time with their families. They will want to pay for the best vacation destinations, do shopping, travel a lot, and organize parties even though they have not saved enough money for all these activities. It only hits them that they are in deep trouble when the holidays are over, and they have to go through credit checks. What should such people do? Experts suggest the following approach in addition to getting freedom checks.

Check the balance on your cards

Probably, you were too busy enjoying your time during the holidays that you never checked your balance. Now that you are back and need freedom checks, you are required to take stock of what you have left. When you know the balance, you should get in touch with the credit card companies and ask them about interest rates. It is good to know the interest rates because the Federal Reserve allows banks to change these rates any time. It would be much better to work with figures that you know than working in the darkness only to be hit with disappointments later.

Do you qualify for balance transfers?

When you have balance transfers, you are allowed to stay for 12 months without paying any interest on your cards. This is an excellent opportunity especially now that you just came back from a season of massive spending, you need some time to reorganize your finances, and you also need freedom checks. As you will find out, not everyone qualifies for these transfers, and so, you have to make early inquiries. Be careful when agreeing to a transfer because the implication is that you should be able to pay the loans before the 12 months elapse to pass c.

Whether you get freedom checks or not, you should plan on how to start paying the loans on your credit cards. This process requires a slow, calculated approach because you do not want to commit any financial mistakes that will lead to further problems.


ORGANO Gold Facts

Organo Gold is a company like no other. The global company is respected for offering customers coffees, supplements, and teas that have numerous benefits to the body. The organization boasts of having a reputation that is so hard to match in the direct selling department. The products are not only unique, but they have been invented by a medical professional who is very passionate about serving the community and bringing change use traditional healing methods.

It is not a secret that people enjoy taking a good quality beverage after a long day at work. Consumers appreciate taking coffee most of the time, even when they are at work or when they have just woken up. Coffee addiction is very common among people in the modern times. The working class, for instance, depend on this kind of beverage to keep themselves in the right mood in the office. There are people who believe that this is a beverage that will make them productive. ORGANO Gold decided to take advantage of the love people had for coffee and at the end of the day impact the society. Bernardo Chua, its founder, was a medic who was experienced in traditional healing practices.

When Chua was a young boy, he grew up close to his grandfather who was using herbs to treat various forms of health complications. With the expertise he had received from his father, the businessman felt that he could impact lives if he used the herbs, especially the known as Ganoderma in the coffee and any other supplements he was making. Fortunately, his idea worked so well. ORGANO Gold products are one of a kind. Individuals who use this brand are healthy. Most of them are healthy when compared to the people who use modern ways of treating conditions. The herb used by ORGANO Gold is effective in the treatment and prevention of almost all of the dangerous medical conditions in the recent times.


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Madison Street Capital Is Good

January 11, 2019

Madison Street Capital was instrumental in the $32 MM for MonDak Portables LLC (MonDak). This was for a debt facility. The company Mondak, is the maker of portable toilets and trailers. They rent and sell them. The company can now move into the future with a good standing, and they owe this to Madison Street Capital.


The reasons that Madison Street Capital reputation is in good standing, is that they have helped many companies out of hard times. They advise the companies on what they need to do financially. These can be simple to very complicated issues that need to be addressed. By working closely with their clients, they are able to discuss all the necessary information, and piece together a plan that will work.


There are many companies that have used and benefited from the help of Madison Street Capital. Since they trust the members of this company completely, they are able to make their own companies have a better financial standing than they have ever been able to do on their own. Madison Street Capital works with both publicly and privately held companies. Each company that they deal with is treated individually. They are given the highest amount of respect, and throughout the process of dealing with them, there is professional respect given every step of the way. It is no wonder that Madison Street Capital is recommended to others by their very happy list of clients.


Madison Street Capital practices excellence in all that they do. They are aware of their clients’ needs, and they do whatever it takes to accommodate them. Since they are a company that has a team of experts, they are experienced and knowledgeable about what they do. They are able to do what others in their field cannot because they utilize ingenuity and the latest technological advancements to five the best advice to the clients that trust them.


In the future, Madison Street Capital will see an increase in their customer base. Their current customers will remain loyal to them while others gravitate to their company. This is because they have earned a great reputation in their field. They will continue to do well so that they can help companies with their investments all over the world.


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OSI Group McDonalds Innovative

Today the OSI Group McDonalds is among the largest meals companies in the world, with twenty thousand workers at sixty-five services in 17 countries. Its rise from very humble beginnings to a significant corporate and business business is definitely a substantial cut of 20th-century American financial history.

The company OSI Group McDonalds is normally an ever growing existence in the still-evolving tale of the present day, globalized overall economy.

At the convert of the twentieth century, Otto Kolschowsky was an associate of the flourishing German-immigrant community in Chi-town, Illinois. Folks of German ancestry produced up 25 % from the city’s inhabitants at that time. The thriving town was both middle of a market for the country and an entryway intended for fresh migrants who were on the way west to determine facilities on the flatlands.


In 1909, at the west part of Chi-town in Walnut Park-only, 2 yrs after arriving in the United States –Kolschowsky opened a little retail meats marketplace and butcher shop to serve his community. Hé does great business and inside a decade-by, the finish of the Initial Globe War- Kolschowsky had extended into the low-cost part of the business enterprise. This included moving procedures to some other Chicago region, Maywood.

And for many years thereafter Otto & Sons stayed a well balanced, successful regional business. Like, therefore, numerous others, it was a small-yet-vitaI section of the American community. And that is what it still was in the aftermath of the next Globe War.

Cooperation with a Rocket in a Container

OSI Group McDonalds was the earliest supplier of meat but at the start from the postwar financial expansion-as contemporary suburbs started sprouting throughout the USA and the pent-up demand and inventiveness let loose by the finish of the battle carried the day-a fateful business connections was shaped by what, at that time, were still too little, relatively imprecise family businesses.

Ray Kroc opened the initial McDonald’s cafe in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. At that time he was still a franchise agent for an San Bernardino, California, couple OSI Group McDonalds, Richard and Maurice McDonald-who got founded a family cafe in 1940.

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